United States Sand Artist Joe Castillo: Storytelling in the Sand

United States Sand Artist Joe Castillo: Storytelling in the SandFinding fresh, new entertainment acts can be a big challenge for those planning events and parties. Fortunately, there are many creative people circulating the entertainment world with original acts that could entertain a rock! United States Sand Artist Joe Castillo is one of those creative minds, and he has an act like no other.

There are many ways to tell a story, but this USA sand artist has taken storytelling to a new level. Previously an advertising guru, Joe now entertains the masses with his newly developed art form called sand story. He spreads out sand on a light table, and a camera above his head records the image and projects it onto a large screen behind him for the audience to view what he is creating.

United States Sand Artist Joe Castillo: Worldwide Sensation

As United States sand artist, Joe speaks both English and Spanish, which is excellent for audiences that speak English or Spanish as their native language, but most of his act is about the art he creates. Joe Castillo is one of the first United States sand artists and inventor of telling stories in the sand,  He is also an excellent choice as a keynote speaker, for he has proved himself quite the motivator through his fascinating art form. Joe has been described as riveting and brilliant, and his sand story-telling will be sure to please.

Joe grew up in Mexico City, which introduced him to art at a very young age. He has developed many different live art mediums over the years, but his sand stories brought him into the limelight. He is passionate about the arts and loves to promote them in a touching and inspiring way through his sand story act. He does sand stories about healthcare, non-profits, sports, faith, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, movies, new products, and many more. He has also been featured in numerous commercials such as ones for Disneyland, UPS, Red Diamond Tea, and Lincoln.

Beyond his sand artistry, Joe also enjoys given motivational speeches. He is a master of sharing his experiences and stories in a way that captivates the hearts and minds of his audience. His witty nature will have the audience laughing one minute and then suddenly have them dabbing at the corners of their eyes in the next.

His words motivate and heal. His art uplifts and inspires. Joe Castillo has taken his sandstories around the world, sharing his beautiful and interesting perspective with people in a fascinating way. He can connect with anyone because his stories are universal and share a common theme of humanity. Everyone in his audiences leaves with their jaws dropped, and their eyes opened. His ability to weave stories in such unique, creative ways is an inspiration within itself. For anyone planning an event,United States Sand Artist Joe Castillo is sure to please every single person in the crowd.