National Entertainers from America’s Got Talent 2014

National Entertainers from America's Got Talent 2014Is it hip? Is it now? Is it affordable? These are just of the few questions that race through your mind as you try to find the right entertainment for your event. While you are not alone, you may be surprised at the number of high-quality entertainers out there waiting to entertain your group. From magicians to comedians to high thrill precision groups, there is an act out there that fits your event needs.

Americans love a good show. Moreover, the nation is in love with America’s Got Talent 2014 for a good reason – it is amazingly entertaining. Now, can you imagine getting one of these nationally recognized acts to perform at your event? Not only is it possible but also it is easier than you think. These nationally recognized performers carry a broad audience appeal. They have performed on national television, entertaining the entire country, and now, they are here to entertain you.

Entertainers from America’s Got Talent 2014

Dan Naturman

If funny is what you are looking for, then look no further than Dan Naturman. While on America’s Got Talent 2014, Dan had the whole country rolling in the aisles. His needle sharp wit and keen observations make everything fair game. Dan has a knack for taking the absurd out of the every day, and he turns the mundane into the hysterical.

Mat Franco

Is it slight of hand or just a mind game? It is all the same for magician Mat Franco. Mat was one of the few magicians on America’s Got Talent 2014 to make it to the semi-finalist level of the competition. His illusions are in your face and larger-than-life at the same time. From playing cards to iPhones, Mat is astounding audiences across the nation.


Is, is acrobatics, dance, or gymnastics? The answer is yes. AcroArmy is a high energy group that incorporates art, dance, and athletics into a heart pounding performance. AcroArmy brought AGT 2014 audiences to their feet time and time again. Whether they are spinning, flying, leaping or launching, AcroArmy will have your guests cheering for more.

Mike Super

Did he? However, how? No way! These are a few of the things your guests will be saying as they watch magician Mike Super. While on America’s Got Talent 2014, a national audience watched Mike disappear from the stage and reappear in the audience. Mike’s illusions are grand and unbelievable. However, you saw it with your own eyes. Alternatively, did you?

Dan Naturman, Mat Franco, AcroArmy, and Mike Super are all amazing entertainers waiting to thrill your guests. With this much diversity, the real dilemma is how to choose just one.