Sand Art Stories by Joe Castillo the Sand Guy

Amazing Sand Art Stories

Joe Castillo 150x99 Sand Art Stories by Joe Castillo the Sand Guy

Photo courtesy of W. Scott Mitchell Photography LLC

A day on the beach is just that, a day at the beach! But when you’re sifting your toes through it, or vigorously shaking it from your beach towels, you hardly stop for a minute to think about the artistic capabilities of sand. You never ponder the potential of the loose, granular brown dust around you. Joe Castillo will change that with sand art stories, and blow your mind in using sand animation.

Joe Castillo doesn’t only use sand to create astonishing images, he uses it to tell sand art stories that have been see on all 7 continents. Conducting this unique medium of sand as a maestro does a symphony, Joe creates fluid, visionary murals that ignite the imagination, and pacify the soul. Joe Castillo was a finalist on the 7th season of America’s Got Talent along with William Close, The Untouchables, Tom Cotter, David Garibaldi and Olate Dogs. Breathing life into the morsels which comprise our Earth, Joe Castillo takes you on a journey with sand art stories, an adventure you have to experience to truly comprehend.

What A Wonderful World

Exploring our connection to the Earth, and to each other, the landscape is birthed and than re-imagining to remind us of the true essence of life. The circle of existence is animated before our very eyes, as Joe Castillo effortlessly broadcasts the wonders of our world using sand animation.

Everquest Next SandStory

Imaging for a moment that hieroglyphics could awaken from the cage of their walls and recount their tale with vivid and spell-binding authenticity. Joe Castillo possesses this power, impossibly breathing to life the epic “Founding of Qeynos,” during the Age of Enlightenment.

Silent Planet

Plucking at our heartstrings, Joe Castillo’s “Silent Planet” not only serves as a reminder of what we have lost, but also what is at stake. Stunning yet distressing, gorgeous and poignant, “Silent Planet” serves as an emotional campaign for true change and accentuates the true power of art.

God Bless The USA

America is more than an idea. Simply, and most poignantly put, America is people. And many of those people risk and give their life for the right to live as we do. This concept is brought home with moving fortitude, as Joe Castillo builds to an exhilarating and unanticipated grand finale.

GMC Sierra

Too often we take automobiles for granted. We fail, in our everyday lives, to ponder their catlike quickness, their lion-like strength, and their bronco-like burst. Joe Castillo reminds us of the prowess of the automobile, and of what matters most – the safety of those within it.

Literature, film, oil on canvas – all capable means of which stories are passed down through generations by artists. But they are far from the only vehicles of folklore, and Joe Castillo’s gift in such a wondrous and unusual medium of Sand Painting remains awe-inspiring and inspiring.  Joe’s one-of-a-kind gift of sand art stories is not only incredibly entertaining to behold, but faithfully heartfelt.