Book a Comedian – Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Fotolia 70676578 XS 300x200 Book a Comedian   Corporate Holiday Party IdeasWithout a doubt, most of us view our jobs with a sense of deep pride and satisfaction. After all, our jobs play a vital role representing our livelihood that’s uniquely blended with our passions and personalities.

However, we sometimes just need a break from our jobs; a break that includes fun and laughter. One of the best times to provide that break is during the holidays. So if you are looking for corporate holiday party ideas involving a mix of fun and laughter, then booking a corporate comedian is a perfect option for your next holiday party.

Since most comedians worked odd jobs to jump-start their careers, they have the creative ability to relate to the working life that’s represented within your employee audience. Through clean, vulgar-free comedy, turn your corporate holiday party ideas into the reality of a fun event for your all of your employees.

The Best Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Taylor Williamson

Finishing as the runner-up to the nationally televised TV show, America’s Got Talent, Taylor offers a dry, semi-awkward stage persona that’s mixed with a healthy dose of self-depreciating humor. Starting his stand-up career at age 17, Taylor performed inside coffeehouses and pizza parlors before he hit his national spotlight on Last Comic Standing and America’s Got Talent.


Starting as far back as the early 1980s, Sinbad first performed stand-up comedy throughout his time in the US Air Force. From there, he soon landed as a contestant on Star Search and then held high profile roles in the TV show, A Different World. He even went on to star in his TV comedy series, The Sinbad Show, and has since played roles in multiple films and HBO specials.

John Heffron

Winning the second season of Last Comic Standing, John has also appeared on Comedy Central Presents and also as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. John likes to describe his stand-up material as, “Clean and funny, and yet doesn’t feel like a kids’ puppet show.”

Daren Streblow

Known for his clean, observational humor, Daren uses everyday objects and events as material for his stand-up routine. Without offending the audience, Daren’s comedy provides laughs for a wide range of audiences. He stars in his syndicated radio program and provides entertainment for community, non-profit, and corporate events.  When looking for corporate holiday party ideas, Daren Streblow should be on your short list.

Bob Stromberg

Using comedic storytelling and shadow puppets, Bob helps an audience breakdown emotional walls, create community, and even gain an improved element of health by simply laughing together. His intention is always to keep your audience unified and focused by customizing to your needs while using clean, corporate-minded comedy.

While exploring your upcoming corporate holiday party ideas, consider a corporate comedian who can add a fun, relaxing night of laughter for your company and employees.