5 Top Clean Comedians to Brighten Your Special Event

standup comedy 5 Top Clean Comedians to Brighten Your Special EventEveryone loves a good laugh. However, we all know that not all laughs are appropriate for corporate entertainment. Also, not all laughs are suitable for fundraisers, special events, corporate parties, or similar functions. Sometimes it seems a good, clean comedian is hard to find. Fortunately, this is not the case. Top clean comedians are out there. You just need to know where to look. If you are looking for a clean comic, consider the five comedians below.

Five of the Best Top Clean Comedians


It should be no surprise Sinbad is known for quality, clean comedy. Sinbad follows in the steps of Bill Cosby, one of the most hilarious and clean comedians ever. Sinbad climbed to fame on numerous sitcoms, including the sitcom A Different World. A Different World was a spin-off of Bill Cosby’s highly successful The Cosby Show.

Dennis Regan

Dennis Regan was a writer for the successful comedy The King of Queens. With numerous appearances on late night television under his belt, Dennis Regan excels at clean comedy, particularly observational humor.

Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson followed in the footsteps of the legendary comedian Roger Dangerfield. He opened the comedy acts of Dangerfield for over eight years. Nelson used to incorporate profanity in his acts, but comedian Red Skelton convinced him to stop. Nelson’s clean comedy has greatly increased his popularity as one of the top clean comedians.

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen began his comedy career as an alcoholic wrapped in depression. After entering alcoholics anonymous, he cleaned up his comedy act to be similar to Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld. He frequently performs at corporate functions where his clean comedy is greatly appreciated.

Mark Schiff

Mark Schiff is a clean comic with voice credits and a handful of sitcom appearances to his name. Inspired to become a comedian as a boy after seeing Roger Dangerfield perform, his work has been praised by Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Reiser. Mark Schiff is a top clean comedian that can bring delight and surprises to every show.

Top Clean comedians bring a host of benefits to an event. There is no worry about the problem from a lewd joke. You can rest easy knowing no one will walk out in protest of the comedian you booked. A clean comic is a great investment for your function because people leave a clean comedian’s show feeling inspired and uplifted. Abraham Lincoln always maintained his sense of humor helped him get through life’s struggles. Top Clean Comedians help you look at the quirky and laughable sides of life. You and your guests will be better prepared to face whatever challenges come your way.