Jogging Jokes from Comedians

Fotolia 57905568 XS 300x200 Jogging Jokes from ComediansAre you looking for a genre comedian that has jogging jokes? Good comics can be difficult to find in the world of rapidly decreasing ideas of what exactly is consider humorous. If finding a good entertainer is not hard enough, it can be even more difficult to find a good comedian that specializes in the category of humor you need. One topic of humor that can be difficult to find is jogging humor. Jogging humor is perfect for a gathering of runners. It can be a welcome refreshment in the recovery tent of a community run. Consider these three entertaing comedians that have a joyful supply of jogging jokes for your next entertainment event.

3 Comedians tell Jogging Jokes

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen was once a comedian that specialized in anything but jogging jokes. He told dirty jokes and had a drug and alcohol problem. After finding religion, he cleaned up his act and started creating comedy in the vein of Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby. His specialization in observational comedy makes his jogging jokes zing and ring with the perfect amount of laughter. As a jogger, you know what he is joking about it. You just didn’t have the courage to say it!

Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. is a comedian rising rapidly to the top of comedy. Michael is a man at ease on the stage. His comic magic comes from finding the humor in the everyday occurrences that connect us all and make us human. Yes, that includes jogging jokes. You may not be an active jogger. You may only know a jogger. Maybe you tried jogging and gave up. Regardless of your stance on the current state of jogging, Michael Jr. has a some great laughs in store for the jogger in all of us.

James Gregory

James Gregory brings a bit of front porch class to the comedy scene. His shirt is untucked; his arms are outstretched in welcome, and he has some great stories for you about life! For two decades, Gregory has been up and down the roads of life taking notes on the comic occurrences and observations that cross him. He has passed more than a few joggers on his comic journey, and Gregory has some laughs to share about their quirks and passions. Gregory is an excellent choice if you are looking for a funny comedian that can deliver a good jogging joke as the joggers of the world pass him by with a friendly wave. Gregory recognizes jogging is a cultural phenomenon that hasn’t even been around as long as him and his loved ones. He knows more than a few things to say about the strange passion of running when there is no immediate threat to do so.

These three comedians can bring  jogging jokes to any gathering. Consider booking them today to provide you with a little wit and wonder about this most healthy and peculiar of pastimes.