Your Guide to Family friendly entertainment for church shows

Family friendly entertainment for church events that have talent

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All family friendly entertainment for church performers is not created equally. It is impossible to pick an entertainer’s name out of a hat and hope for the best. With an assortment of material these professionals use in their skits and sets, churches must be careful to select clean or Christian comics to play their shows.

That’s where family friendly entertainment for church as the ones listed below come in. Their brand of humor and showmanship is not only clean, but it is suitable for diverse audiences, including families. These performers show their skill rather than rely upon explicit language and suggestive topics to sell a joke. That’s what makes them stand out above the rest among audiences of all creeds. Many of these performers are seasoned at what they do, while some are just coming onto the scene. All of them have made a considerable impact on audiences. Here are some of the top clean performers to watch:

Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is the total package. With Jimmy Fallon-esque performances full of comedic tunes and banter, and a little ventriloquism on the side for good measure, people can’t help but enjoy a Taylor Mason show. Since winning Star Search in 1990 Taylor Mason’s star, has continued to rise.

Bob Stromberg (Hand Shadow Artist)

Bob Stromberg does a lot of things well, but perhaps his most interesting performance art is hand shadow. Stromberg sets intricate hand shadow configurations to music, captivating audiences the moment the lights go down. His skill is mesmerizing and entertaining. He has performed his shadow puppet act almost 2,500 shows, and it shows. He positively commands the stage.


Air drums. Really. Tapping into people’s secret wish to be a drummer in a rock and roll band, repercussions play out a fantasy on stage and challenges people to join in. Hit the beat, let your arms flail, and perform with them to rock and roll hits.

Adam Trent

Adam Trent is the real deal. He has been performing comedy and magic on the stage and screen for over 17 years and was the youngest and only magician to ever win consecutive medals in the Pacific Coast Association of Magician’s Pro Magic Challenge. This dynamic magician was listed as one of “The 10 Most Influential Youths in the Nation” in US News & World Report Magazine. He is definitely one to watch.

Joe Castillo

One of the most amazing talents, Joe Castillo, uses sand to craft artistic scenes. Often set to music, he projects what he is doing at the moment onto a screen. Audiences watch in utter amazement as he creates beautiful images by moving his hands swiftly along the sand. The consummate artist, Joe Castillo, creates art that is detailed and intricate with the just slightest movement of his fingers.

Getting the right performer for a church show is crucial. A versatile artist that is able to win the crowd over and entertain based upon skill alone is the perfect choice for such an event. If you are looking for a clean performer, consider one of the family friendly entertainment for church listed above. You’ll be glad you did.