Family Friendly Comedy Perfect for Church Family Night Ideas

Family Friendly Comedy Perfect for Church Family Night IdeasFamily night at church is meant to be a great time for the whole family. If it is your task to plan your church’s upcoming family night, you surely don’t want to disappoint. Of course, the event or activity needs to be family friendly, and parallel to the morals and teachings of your church. It needs to be a great time for the children, as well as the adults. This can sometimes be challenging.

Quite often, attractive options for this sort of event include interactive activities, games, and even special outings. These are excellent choices but are often over-used, and thus can diminish in entertainment value for those in attendance. For those wanting to try something new and fresh for family night, consider bringing in a family and church friendly comedy act. Laughter is always healthy and is sure to lead to a pleasant outcome when done right. Here are five great choices in family and church friendly comedy, sure to please for family night.

Church Family Night Ideas that Don’t Suck

Scott Wood

With over twenty years of experience in corporate, church, and family comedy events, Scott Wood keeps the laughter alive. Wood has won awards for his brand of the punchline, quick-thinking comedy and is an excellent choice for church family functions. He has also established himself as a noteworthy impression artist, giving gut-splitting impressions of some of the today’s most recognizable personalities; great in church family night ideas.

Michael Smalley

Michael Smalley is comedy genius specializing in the teaching of love, relationships, and God, all via his unique brand of comedy. Smalley has authored several best-selling relationship advice books and is renowned for his humorous approach in such affairs. Smalley is an excellent choice in the comedy for those in search of great church family night ideas.

Bean and Bailey

In the line of church family night ideas, Bean and Bailey couples music and comedy into one outrageous show. This act sings and plays guitar, as well as acts out songs. Their subjects of coverage include God, religion, and some of today’s silliest of cultural quandaries. These whizzes of comedy and music have proven the ability to delight churchgoing audiences without fail.

Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow is one of today’s hottest “observational” comedians, covering everyday topics that can turn hilariously awkward. His unique brand has spawned national recognition. He is also the host and star of The Daren Streblow Comedy Show, airing on over 50 media outlets in the U.S and abroad.

Steve McGranahan

This self-proclaimed “country boy” employs a hilarious comedy routine using some props with which he interacts. When in his hands, everyday, mundane items become symbols of his comedic demonstrations and the center of laughs. McGranahan and his events have become something of a recent comedy phenomenon in the U.S. and are ideal for a great church family night function.

These five acts are outstanding choices for those in search of great church family night ideas. They will keep the kids laughing. They will keep the adults pleased. They will also ensure a fantastic, and one-of-a-kind church family night.