Ken Groves Brings Terrific Comedy through Ventriloquism

 Ken Groves Brings Terrific Comedy through VentriloquismVentriloquists are multifaceted comic professionals, able to throw their voices to other people or puppets with the audience unable to see their mouths move. Ken Groves comedy ventriloquist combines showmanship and exceptional skill with ventriloquism to a degree that his audiences begin to believe his puppets are real. His brand of comedy is appropriate fare for all ages and groups, and he has performed all over the world for groups as diverse as large corporations such as Frito Lay and to audiences in Las Vegas.

Ken Groves comedy ventriloquist has been in such demand that he has appeared on numerous television programs, including “Arsenio Hall” and “The Statler Brothers Show”, among others. He has joined celebrities, including Rip Torn and the Supremes, and performed alongside them in multiple venues. Mr. Groves excels at audience participation and involvement, and audience members should not be surprised to find themselves becoming a part of the show. He offers unique comedy that makes any event standout.

Ken Groves comedy ventriloquist


This video demonstrates the facility with which Mr. Groves can use his character, C.W., and to actively get the audience involved. He plays the straight man to C.W.’s antics, and as he does so, the audience roars with laughter. C.W. does not realize why they are there and believes they are at an Amway sales meeting.

Let’s play a game

Mr. Groves has been delivering his comedy and ventriloquism since 1985, and this long experience and professionalism is evident. He utilizes his character to immediately engage the audience, drawing them in as actual participants in the show in this video. As he facilely interacts with audience members through his character, his delivery is an obvious hit.

The Art of Ventriloquism

Howard, the oldest and newest member of Ken Groves’s cast of characters, demonstrates Mr. Groves’s ability to use different voices for each character. He comes alive as soon as he makes his appearance on stage, interacting with both individual members of the audience and Mr. Groves to the great delight of those assembled.

Comes out of the closet

Howard is the star of the show in this clip. It is easy to see that Ken Groves adapts his comedy to particular settings, incorporating the location into the routine itself. On board a cruise ship, Howard and Mr. Groves discuss everything from lifeboat training to tug of war, and the resulting laughter is frequent and responsive.

Good Memory

This clip demonstrates Ken Groves’s ability to bring characters alive through interacting with them. Mr. Groves, using flawless movement and facial expressions while Howard speaks, makes Howard seem as if he is truly alive.

Ken Groves comedy ventriloquist is an excellent choice for a unique and great comedic experience. He comes with numerous characters, voices, and the ability to instantly make audience members active stars in the show. Ken Groves is a truly talented ventriloquist.