A Funny Awkward First Kiss Story from a Clean Comedian

Clean Comedian Joby Saad’s Awkward First Kiss

joby saad the village idiot 150x150 A Funny Awkward First Kiss Story from a Clean Comedian

It takes talent to smoothly segue from the potential awkwardness of a couple’s awkward first kiss to idiotic misadventures in a movie theater, to silly deodorant disasters in less than five short minutes. But, with his expressive face, warm, family-friendly patter, and happy-go-lucky portrayal of the dimwitted underdog whom everyone loves to root for, comedian Joby Saad manages it brilliantly. Maybe that’s why comedycritic.com credits him with performing “the smartest dumb guy comedy I’ve ever seen.”

Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, Joby Saad got his start in comedy at the tender age of twelve when he began performing magic shows for kids with props built by his father. As the tricks failed and laughter rang out, he discovered his true talent was for making people laugh.

Eventually, Joby became a regular performer at Zanies comedy clubs, working alongside top comedians like Tim Allen, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Rob Schnieder and Paula Poundstone. Hired by concert promoter Steve Moore to open for his concerts, Joby was soon a regular guest on Nashville Network’s shows like “Nashville Now” with Ralph Emery and “Crook and Chase.”

Encouraged by Disney star Jim Varney of Ernest P Whorrll fame and comedy writer Mike Price, Joby left Nashville for Los Angles, where he started a company called “Village Entertainment.” Remembering all the times his father had called him an idiot, Joby combined his business name with the old endearment and proclaimed himself the Village Idiot. It’s a role he felt born to play, something he credits to his father.

A starring role in an episode of the family-friendly comedy television series “Bananas Comedy” in 2005 was Joby’s big break. In 2006, he appeared in “Thou Shalt Laugh” a show starring Patricia Heaton that gathered seven of the country’s top clean comedians for an evening of good, clean hilarity the whole family could enjoy. It became the top selling comedy DVD in its genre.

Joby has since launched his own show “Vidiots,” where he can showcase his talents for physical comedy and funny stories about  an awkward first kiss. He’s also a frequent guest on the “Daren Streblow Comedy Show” on iHeart radio. In between his regular tours, he’s made time to perform for the troops and for the children and families at both St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Audiences of all ages enjoy hearing about an awkward first kiss.