Turn Your Company Holiday Party Ideas Into The Laugh Of The Year

Fotolia 57231952 XS 300x265 Turn Your Company Holiday Party Ideas Into The Laugh Of The YearAre you tired of the same old boring company party? You know the one. The one where you have someone hooking up a CD player or iPod to play some tunes, while you sit at your table waiting for dinner to be served, secretly thinking of a way to make a quick getaway when it is over. Don’t let this happen to your company party next time. If you have been elected to be in charge of company holiday party ideas, consider hiring a comedy act to keep your fellow employees stay put to enjoy themselves instead of planning a retreat.

Laughter lightens up the mood for your event, making it entertaining and comfortable for your guests. Hiring comedy will be sure to have your company talking about the party for some time to come…in a good way, instead of the party they wanted to escape. Comedy can be one of the best company holiday party ideas, and one that no one has tried before!

5 Entertaining Company Holiday Party Ideas

Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson started his career in stand-up comedy and has since branched out and is an actor in television sitcoms and movies. He is a world class juggler that brings the flair of props to the stage during his comedy performances. You will not be able to take your eyes off the act!

Scott Wood

Scott Wood does comedy while doubling as an impressionist, using different voices of celebrities. He incorporates current events and clean political humor into his act. You will have laughs by the minute and wonder who will be his next celebrity to portray.

Max Winfrey

A recent contestant on the hit television show “America’s Got Talent“, Max Winfrey is an avid knife-thrower and uses this in his act. He combines his comedy with the use of many different props, giving his performance a variety-show appeal while bringing on the smiles from the crowd.

Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason seems like the guy next door. With a likable personality and easy to understand banter, he gets the show going with some “I can relate to that” type jokes. Then he will bring out his secret weapon. Taylor Mason is couples comedy with a ventriloquist act that will have a little something for everyone.  Taylor is one of the best company holiday party ideas.

Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson brings stand up comedy to the stage with a down to earth attitude, speaking in a way that draws you into the act. He previously used profanity in his acts, but after being persuaded by comedian Red Skeleton that comedy could be done without offensive words, he has changed his comedy acts to be entirely clean. He has proved that you do not need to curse or be profound to get your point across.

For your next company holiday party, consider hiring one of the above entertainers to give your event a totally unexpected twist. You will not have people making excuses about why they are avoiding your company holiday party ideas and why they need to get home right away. You will not have the embarrassment of a party where everyone stares at each other and then just starts talking about work. You will give your guests something to bring with them, something they can discuss at work the next day, and a reason to look forward to next year’s party.