Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment that is Unique, Smart and Fun

Event planners do not despair; options abound for Fotolia 57128674 XS 300x199 Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment that is Unique, Smart and Funthat is fresh, smart, and a littler different. A corporate party should be big time fun with laughter joyously shared in response to some slamming Holiday Party Entertainment. Comedy, music, and novel entertainment is the way to do this and to throw the best party ever. Professional laughs are all neatly ironed and placed in a row by comedians who needed the work. Only a drunken ice skating show featuring political rivals might be more fun.

Proper Holiday Party Entertainment springs from creative talent. We have carefully selected a group of five corporate entertainers to wow you with. Banquets, parties, meetings, and reunions of all kind could benefit from these great five talents that we are showcasing today. Moreover, why not, everybody likes to laugh. You can get your entertainer lined up now. Quick, before they get grabbed up.

Holiday Party Entertainment For Unique, Smart, And Fun Celebration

Heidi Schwartz

Heidi Schwartz will paint your event. It is a charming show to watch as the painting comes to life before your eyes. She is artistically talented with a great sense of color. A variety of venues for these paintings, including a cocktail parties, corporate meetings, trade show’s and holiday party entertainment have been used successfully. She leaves behind a portrait of the event.

Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg does a shadow puppet show, which is projected on a screen, and provides the dialogue. It is funny and mesmerizing. He is a clean comedian with a touch of audience participation.  Bob is a corporate entertainer that blends stand-up comedy, storytelling and shtick

Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo is an artist who does sand paintings on a light table; then the story is projected onto a large screen. Powerful music plays, all the while telling a mesmerizing sand story. He is branded as a motivator. It is just amazing!

Paul Aldrich

Paul Aldrich labels himself as pure comedy; he is both funny and frightening as he sings “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” in a deep dark manner. The darker side of Christmas is also clear in the creepy Santa pictures flashing behind him. His song, “A Dyslexic Love Story” is sweet and backwards.

Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson is a family man who keeps it clean. His brand of comedy has been featured on numerous television show. Also, he has been voted best corporate entertainer by his fans. As well as being a true funnyman and a juggler, his act is loaded with energy and he sometimes requires help from the audience.

When you are looking for Holiday Party Entertainment, think unusual, think unique, and you will score a big hit with the audience. Give the partygoers something to talk about and remember. Make this celebration or meeting a bit different, smart and fun too.