Amazing Fundraising Ideas for Churches and NonProfits

Amazing Fundraising Ideas for Churches and NonProfitsSometimes people forget that churches need to engage in fundraising, in the same way, that schools and auxiliary groups do. However, it can be difficult to come up with great fundraising ideas for churches. That is where clean comics come in. The professionals listed here are among the elite few that can deliver a mixed audience-friendly show with the same impact as one that employs other types of material. These entertainers can make your event resonate with people and entice them to get involved.

They’ll also make people laugh harder than they expected to!

Using comedy to reach people is one of the classic ways of marketing. Watch any 30-minute segment of television and see the commercials – an abundance of them are geared towards making the viewer smile. Laughing connects us; it is the great equalizer. These performers know how to elicit that response on demand. If you are looking for unique fundraising ideas for churches, look no further!

5 Fundraising Ideas for Churches

Joe Castillo

His act seems simple: a light table, a little sand, and a soundtrack. However, what her does is nothing short of amazing. Joe Castillo uses his unique eye for shapes and shadow and creates works of art out of the most basic of mediums right before your eyes. You have to witness this in person to believe it.

Bean and Bailey

This duo plays off each other to create a unique show. There’s comedy, there’s music, there’s storytelling. It is entertaining all the way around. They are expressive in different ways, which gives the show a unique texture that is unmatched buy other comedy teams.

Justin Fennell

Life’s frustrations are funny –come on, you know they are. Justin Fennell shows you just how funny life can be when he talks about the mundane of tasks spiraling into the abyss of the ridiculous. You’ll laugh in spite of yourself.

Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg is downright silly at times. He is like the uncle who talks about things that happened 30 years ago with such clarity you wonder if he thinks he is relating a current story. He makes you laugh – genuinely laugh. You will not want his ramblings to stop.

Henry Cho

Sometimes Henry just walks out and says hi. The southern accent coming out of this man of Korean descent puts people off guard immediately. He never lets you get your bearings. His clean comedy is refreshing and downright honest. You end up nodding in agreement about things even when you do not want to.

If you are interested in giving people a show they will not forget, consider these fantastically talented folk. They will change the dynamic of your event. These comedians are great fundraising ideas for churches. Moreover, while they are at it, the people that attend will have the time of their lives laughing at jokes, patting each other on the shoulder in agreement, and enjoying their evening. You’ll be glad you brought them in.