Five Youtube Christian Comedians Who Will Crack You Up

youtube logo 300x150 Five Youtube Christian Comedians Who Will Crack You UpComedy depends on the perspectives and sensibilities of the audience members. One person’s hilarious comedian may be boring or even offensive to another person. In particular, people with children find it difficult to trust that a comedian will not cross certain lines while trying to make people laugh. Even regular broadcast television has become racier in recent years, and clean comedy has become even rarer.

Youtube Christian comedians with family-friendly acts do exist, however. Video streaming sites host many youtube Christian comedians acts. Conversely, people can order them through modern audio and video services for computers and mobile devices. The best way to see these acts, though, is to get them to come perform live for an event for an organization, conference or reunion. The following touring Christian comedians have fresh acts that still produce the laughs that audiences crave.

Youtube Christian Comedians That do Live Events

Thor Ramsey

Thor Ramsey has an incisive wit that he uses to pick apart trends in mainstream American society. At the same time, he turns preconceptions about Christians on their heads through his observational humor. Ramsey has also appeared in several comedy video shorts, hosted the TV series Bananas Comedy and collaborated on projects as a writer, producer and director.

Ron McGehee

Ron McGehee often does shows with his equally funny wife, Kerri Pomarolli. Together, they riff on subjects about modern domestic life. McGehee explores the lighter and sillier sides of married life, raising kids and growing up with his Korean and Irish heritages. People can see parts of his act by doing a youtube Christian comedians search.

Michael Joiner

Michael Joiner makes use of his experience with improv to adapt his act according to the audience and its vibe. His shows never turn out the same and Joiner thrives on interaction with his crowds, which makes his shows very popular with audiences. Joiner has done the rounds on the LA comedy circuit, written for major late night television shows and appeared on TV and the big screen.

Scott Wood

Scott Wood’s comedy delivers fat-paced jokes strung together one after another. For this, he has been dubbed “Mr. Punchline.” Wood has made his way through most every major television comedy outlet with his quick style of humor. Most notably, though, Wood excels at impressions of a variety of celebrities.

Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow has made a name for himself through observational humor revolving around the more mundane, but often absurd, aspects of modern life. Fans enjoy his nerdy style of dress and delivery. This same style, though, gained him success on television and radio comedy shows, as well as in film roles.

In short, clean comedians with Christian values still perform all over the country. Many of them are pursuing careers in television and movies, too. Families can take advantage of online resources to find youyube Christian comedians to watch at home or on the go. Most of these comedians also do events on demand for organizations, giving people a chance to see these performers live.

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