Paul Aldrich Mock n Roll – Musical Comedian

Paul Aldrich Mock n Roll 300x300 Paul Aldrich Mock n Roll   Musical ComedianJokes do not have to be dirty or offensive to be funny. They also don’t even have to be spoken to a crowd. The comedy found on Paul Aldrich Mock n Roll is funny and entertaining.

For a fun twist on traditional stand-up comedy, singer-songwriter comedians find humor in everyday experiences and write them into catchy tunes that bring audiences to tears, in a good way! Moreover, they are the perfect entertainment for special events.

For example, Paul Aldrich has been a comedian and entertainer for over 25 years and has performed thousands of shows in a variety of locations including churches, theaters, comedy clubs, and television stations including Showtime. He is most recognized for the Paul Aldrich Mock n Roll album, which has won comedy awards.

Best Comedy – Paul Aldrich Mock n Roll

Aldrich’s clean comedic songs can address a variety of sometimes controversial issues in a non-threatening and playful manner, including political correctness, religion, dating, hippies, and yes, even mild learning disabilities:

1) Political Correctness and Over-Sensitivity in Today’s Political Climate:

Without passing judgment or making a political statement, clean musical comedians can poke fun at the over-thinking of the labels we put on each other in society.

Through songs like “Gilligan’s P.C. Island,” comedians remind the audience that maybe sometimes the solution to respecting our differences is not to make things more complicated than they need to be- it is to lighten up a bit and have good laughs together along the way.

2) Religion and Dating

As a volunteer Young Life leader, Paul Aldrich used humor, skits, and songs to help teach the stories of the Bible and their moral takeaways to teenagers across the entire United States.

While other comedians approach social differences in a mocking or a crass manner, clean musical comedians engage the audience so that every individual is in on the joke, regardless of race, religion or creed.

3) Love and Learning Disabilities:

Let’s face it. Nobody is perfect. However, our innocent oddities and mild learning quirks are perfectly captured in a self-deprecating song from the Paul Aldrich Mock n Roll album called “A Dyslexic Love Song.”

4) Overzealous Peaceniks:

Songs can be original, or parodies of popular Top 100 hits. While using original music has its upsides, musical parodies entertain audiences of all ages, and in some cases, engage the audience to sing along to the familiar melody.

It is easy for comedians to make mean jokes at the expense of somebody else. However, it takes real talent to create a musical comedy experience that allows people to laugh at themselves and celebrate their differences together in a feel-good and family friendly environment.

Warning: You will be singing these songs from Paul Aldrich Mock n Roll on the ride home.