Hilarious Humor from Talented Comedians

Hilarious Humor from Talented ComediansComics have a knack for finding humor in everyday situations. They talk about relationships, airports, parents, fitness and other routine activities. Most people can relate, because these situations are a normal part of life. We’ve experienced similar things and connect with the hilarious humor that stems from those experiences. The following five comedians talk about these topics, delivering side-splitting laughs and punch lines that hit the bull’s-eye. Sharing from their experiences, they offer hilarious humor as they take on flying, travel hazards, embarrassing mistakes, grocery shopping in the early morning hours, squirrels and more. By using their unique perspectives to bring out the laughs, these comics will have you rolling on the floor as they highlight the funny side of life.

Hilarious Humor from Corporate Comedians

Frank King delivers comedy that’s clean, witty and tailored to his audience. He offers corporate wit, connecting well with those in the business world. This comic was a quarter-finalist on Star Search and has also written for Jay Leno and Dennis Miller, among others. Frank’s stand-up routine will keep your sides aching from his hilarious humor.

Mark Schiff has a unique style, offering a glimpse of life from a fresh perspective. He is been on The Tonight Show and Late Night with David Letterman and has appeared at the Montreal Comedy Festival. His jokes showcase ordinary circumstances and turn them into a funny story you can relate to, so don’t miss this comic genius.

Known as “The King of Uncool,” Daren Streblow has a nerdy style that endears him to audiences everywhere. He has opened for Weird Al, hosts a syndicated radio program and will have you laughing as he talks about everyday life, including worrying mothers. His hilarious humor comes from a unique perspective that he uses to connect for tons of laughs.

Comedian Tom Cotter has an unstoppable flow of jokes, causing listeners to laugh uncontrollably at his unique humor. He was the first comedian to reach the finals in “America’s Got Talent,” and has won in other competitions including Seattle International Comedy Competition and The Las Vegas Comedy Festival. With his fast-paced joke telling, Tom Cotter will keep you roaring.

You’ll enjoy watching comedian John Heffron perform. He hits home by talking about the embarrassing things we do, including starting a car that’s already begun. John was runner-up on the second season of “Last Comic Standing” and has been on Comedy Central. With his self-deprecating humor and witty insights, Heffron will keep you in stitches.

People everywhere enjoy listening to the hilarious humor that arises from regular life situations that they can relate to, including everything from being stuck in an airport to making a late-night grocery run for yogurt. These comedians connect with audiences by sharing their experiences to put a fresh light on your circumstances and keep you smiling.