Women’s Ministry Outreach Ideas for your church

Women's Ministry Outreach Ideas for your churchEvery ministry wants to reach out to its people, embrace them, lift them up, and inspire them. If you are looking for some inspiration of your own, especially for some women’s ministry outreach ideas, there are several areas of entertainment you should be considering. These include booking comedians, artists, musicians, and even people capable of delivering powerful messages through moving words. Do all of these things sound appealing to you, but you are not sure where to find your Christian entertainment? Try starting your search with such comedians as Kerri Pomarolli or Jerry Allen, artist Joe Castillo, musician Tammy Trent, and inspirational speaker Leah Darrow. These individuals are excellent choices for women’s ministry outreach ideas, and inspiration for finding incredible people to add to the list.

5 Women’s Ministry Outreach Ideas

Kerri Pomarolli

Kerri Pomarolli is an experienced comedian and author. She brings a certain energy to the stage and many smart biblical jokes. Kerri is an excellent entertainment choice for events as she can lighten the mood at any event, attract a large crowd, and be employed for a much smaller price tag than other popular veteran comedians.

Leah Darrow

Leah Darrow made her first break as a star on America’s Next Top Model, but she was quickly eliminated and vowed to make a comeback. Soon after, she appeared on the pages of FMH magazine as an advocate for conservative dress and the Roman Catholic church. Today, she brings powerful speeches on numerous faith-based topics.

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is an American comedian hailing from Chicago. His influences are Bill Crosby and Jerry Seinfeld. Jeff brings to many church-based events, traveling as a comedian and also a promoter of good virtue and charities. He is an attractive option for comedy relief to consider booking at any event.

Tammy Trent

Tammy Trent is a Christian music artist who delivers powerful messages through song. After tragically losing her husband while diving on 9/11, Tammy persevered through her music and continued to offer her words to others. She brings an excellent and entertaining vibe to any fundraising, gathering, or another outreach event.

Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo is a sand artist who tells moving stories with changing sand drawings, fluid light shows, and thematic background music. His creativity and expertise in this rare profession are great additions to any entertainment event. Originally from Mexico, Castillo now travels to deliver his Sand Story work to the rest of the world.

Music, artwork, laughs, inspirational speeches – all of these men and women provide excellent women’s ministry outreach ideas through their services. The diversity of their talents all unites to deliver the same messages: faith, love, hope, and perseverance. Be sure to check these artists out and provide a powerful effect to the women attending your event!