Leah Darrow: Top Model for God

10533755 10152514524482931 610627275364296155 n 300x111 Leah Darrow: Top Model for GodLeah Darrow grew up in Oklahoma as the oldest of six in a family whose Catholic faith was imperative to them. She had always enjoyed fashion and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where she also began actively modeling as a career. In 2004, Leah auditioned for the third cycle of the popular reality show America’s Next Top Model and was one of the final fourteen contestants in the competition. Though she was eliminated quickly, the publicity allowed her career to take off, and she moved to New York to pursue greater modeling opportunities.

Leah Darrow: Reclaim Love, Reclaim Beauty

Of the professional modeling world, Leah has said, “Although not all modeling is bad, much of it is dehumanizing. The dignity of the person is of little importance.” She was magnificent at what she was doing, but Leah never felt fulfilled in her career. There was always an emptiness, something lacking in her self-esteem, that she could not identify. As she began to believe all the worldly tenets of the modeling community more and more, Leah’s personal faith wavered.

As time went on, she was asked to move further away from her originally wholesome brand of modeling into more sexy and sultry shoots. Moreover, in the midst of one such photo session, Leah recognized how dissatisfied she was to be offering this sort of lifestyle to God. She knew immediately that she could not live that way any longer. She called her father pleading for his help in leaving New York. He immediately drove there to take her home, and once back in a more nurturing environment; she was able to spend time rediscovering the importance of her faith and her identity as a child of God.

Thoroughly convinced that she had been wasting her God-given talents, Leah Darrow now has a new desire to change herself and the world around her. The change that has occurred in Leah’s heart encourages her each day to make the most of all that God has given her. Toward that end, she has been involved with a character formation program called “Pure Fashion” that teaches godly principles to young women to help them as they mature and, specifically, as they begin modeling careers.

Leah also loves to speak about issues of purity, modesty, chastity, and true love, drawing strongly on examples from her life. She and her husband travel and speak several times a month, most often addressing high school and college audiences. Reaching these age groups is Leah’s greatest passion because she desires to share important principles that will help them avoid straying on the same paths she did. During a tour of Australia, many young people commented that as Leah Darrow found and experienced God’s true love. He changed her from being a “Top Model” to being a “Role Model” for Godly living.