Fundraiser Ideas: Putting the “Fun” back in “Fundraiser”

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Fundraiser Ideas for Non Profit Organizations

When looking for fundraiser ideas to help raise money or awareness about an important cause, it can be difficult to know how best to entertain and serve audiences while still being financially successful. Simple fundraising methods like car washes or bake sales have endured the test of time for the basic needs of high school clubs and other small groups, but larger, more professional businesses, charities, and organizations generally need something with a bit more substance and appeal to keep people interested. In many cases, hiring a live performer can be the perfect way to spice up a formal fundraising dinner, especially a performer with an uncommon skill or approach that will be new, exciting, and attention-getting to most audiences. The entertainers listed below certainly fit that description well. Capturing people’s attention with skills and performances ranging from art to magic and more, any of them would be a worthwhile choice for a successful fundraiser that is also an enjoyable and memorable event.

Heidi Schwartz

Heidi Schwartz is a talented painter who frequently paints at live events, such as weddings, graduations, and corporate functions. When she performs at fundraisers, she paints for the duration of the event, capturing the setting, atmosphere, and people of the scene in a unique way that can never be exactly recreated. Not only does Schwartz provide entertainment for those who watch her paint, but her paintings are also auctioned off at the end of the night to raise funds for the cause of the event.

Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo is the world’s best known maker of sand art, a unique skill which made him a finalist on America’s Got Talent. By shaping and reshaping sand on a flat surface, he not only creates entertaining pictures, but also uses them to tell stories that unfold from one image to the next. Castillo utilizes his talent to convey many messages, from corporate to motivational, thus overcoming the language barrier in the over forty countries where he has performed and captivating a variety of audiences.

Adam Trent

Adam Trent’s performance is a unique blend of magic, music, comedy, and motivational speaking. He has performed at corporate events, comedy clubs, cruise lines, college campuses, and a number of other venues around the world. In addition to a stage magician’s standard illusions and gimmicks, Trent also incorporates singing, dancing, humorous personal anecdotes, and meaningful messages into his performance. Trent’s casual delivery and accessible personality help him connect with audiences while his other skills, displays, and tricks keep them interested until the very end.
No matter what charity or organization you’re trying to support, finding fun, creative, and effective, fundraiser ideas doesn’t have to be a hassle. Hiring a skilled and entertaining performer, and looking into unique acts like the ones listed above, can be a great way to please your guests, make lasting memories of the event, and support a worthy cause in the process.