Clean Comedian About Raising Children and Funny Family Comedy

Fotolia 70858536 XS 300x253 Clean Comedian About Raising Children and Funny Family ComedyJokes about parenthood are common fodder for comedians. Most people can relate to the difficulties of having kids. Listening to a comedian about raising children is as enlightening as it is funny. The insightful comments, usually born of experience, the types of experiences most parents are all too familiar with, will bring nods of appreciation along with peals of laughter. It is not hard for those who have never had children to appreciate the situations these comics bring as well. The jokes told by a comedian about raising children bring back memories of our childhoods and those of our friends who razed beleaguered parents until the circumstances were both hysterically funny and sad at the same time. The following five comics have a reputation for delivering powerful, insightful and hilarious routines on the joys and perils of raising children.

5 Clean Comedians About Raising Children

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen began his career in Chicago. His humor is clean and often based around his home life shared by his wife and children. Along with regular comedy club appearances, Jeff has also starred in several movies including Thou Shalt Laugh and Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Michael Joiner

Michael Joiner is a comic that proves that clean can not only be funny, it can be award winning as well. His sarcastic humor about married life and a comedian about raising children won him a 1st award and title of “Funniest Comic in LA” He is also the 2010 Christian Music Hall of Fame Comedian of the Year. During his career he has performed for sold out arenas, colleges and created jokes for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Kerri Pomarolli

Kerri Pomarolli made her career as a clean, Christian comedian with crazy views on family and children. She has appeared on several TV shows and is the author of two books. A graduate of Chicago’s famed “Second City,” she uses her own experiences based on life as a wife and mother to create a routine that makes her one of the best when searching for comedians about raising children.

Carlos Oscar

When Bill Cosby says a comic is a treasure, you know they have something special. He said that about Carlos Oscar, and it is easy to see why. Carlos refuses to resort to foul language and sexual innuendo to force a laugh. He relies on a sharp wit and keen observation to create wildly funny routines that make him a sought after comic to appear on The Tonight Show and Comedy Central.


Born David Adkins, Sinbad’s style of humor has always centered on family using a clean style of humor. He has appeared in many television shows and movies and hosted his series created to reinforce a strong, black man as a family role model image. Drawing heavily from his personal life as a husband and father of two, his long-term marriage, along with his own childhood as the son of a Baptist minister with five brothers and sisters, he has a lot to draw from to create comedic illustrations on the subject of raising children.

It is not hard to understand why people are drawn to the views of comedians about raising children. Bringing up responsible, wholesome adults takes much work and is full of challenges. We need to be able to find good, clean humor on the struggle of parenthood and children in order to laugh at the difficulties and envision a new way to enjoy our families and those around us.