Ken Groves Comedy Ventriloquist and his puppet Howard

Ken Groves is a Family Friendly Comedy Ventriloquist

 Ken Groves Comedy Ventriloquist and his puppet Howard

It is decidedly difficult to find clean comedy ventriloquist acts that are funny and entertaining. Our standards for Good Clean Fun from a comedian has digressed to a pretty low state. Each comedy ventriloquist is hard pressed to find new and entertaining subject matter. They find they must touch on matters that are questionable to some…yet enjoyed by others. It is the nature of the business. Yet, it is not always desirable when seeking to be entertained.

Ken Groves, comedy ventriloquist, has been bringing clean to the comedy scene for years. He works with companies and celebrities around the globe. He has performed for such as Debbie Reynolds, and the Oak Ridge Boys. Large companies like Pepsi and Ford have called him in to entertain their important clients, as well. His job is to make you laugh and he has conquered that task with gusto. Each of his dummies brings smiles. With their unique attitudes, you almost believe they are alive. However, a well known favorite is his pal Howard.

Howard will make just about anyone laugh with his witty responses to Ken. Howard is now 93. He still has an eye for women and is sassy. You can’t help but enjoy the dialog between puppeteer and puppet. The skill at which Ken Groves is able to make his dummies speak is astounding. When watching, you would think Howard is speaking from his own mouth. Ken has worked hard to learn his comedy material and has perfected the comedy ventriloquist trade. Howard has touched the funny bone of most who encounter him.

It is a dying trade to provide family entertainment. But, it is still in existence. It may take some searching to find a safe place to laugh and enjoy. But, here you have found what you seek. There is no doubt that viewers of all ages can laugh with Ken as Howard twists his words and makes his jokes. And what more fun can be had than hanging out with a pro and his dummies? Witty, smart comedy and a barrel of laughs is what you will get in a Ken Grove show. And isn’t that what you were seeking in the first place from a comedy ventriloquist?