Have a Christian Marriage Comedy Night Out

Have a Christian Marriage Comedy Night OutLooking for a reason to hire a babysitter for the night? Look no further than The Grable Group, featuring entertainers that provide Christian marriage comedy. Enjoy an evening of laughs from Taylor Mason, Steve Geyer, Thor Ramsey, Michael Smalley, or Anthony Griffith. These comedians explore a range of topics from snoring spouses to drinking Baptists to married life with a comedian. These entertainers go beyond the crude, offensive humor that so many other comics resort to and give you the real stuff – the comedic things that happen in actual Christian marriages.

The Best Christian Marriage Comedy Entertainment

Comedian and piano player Taylor Mason tells the cold, hard truth about marriage in his comedic sketches. Set to the background of his piano playing, this entertainer holds nothing back when talking about his wife, kids, and parents, and the difficulties of living with a wife’s varying moods. When not doing gigs in the comedy clubs on land, Mason sails the oceans, performing for cruise ships.

Steve Geyer, comedian turned Pastor turned comedian/Pastor, has spent his adult life touring the world, and not just for comedy shows. His several relief trips to Haiti enter into his comedic sketches and ministry alike, and they give him a truly unique and also relatable view of Christian, married life.

Michael Smalley, a motivational speaker and founder and Executive Director of the Smalley Marriage and Family Center, spends most of his time working alongside his wife, helping struggling couples to revive their marriages and other significant relationships. He uses his comedy to help people learn and grow, in addition to using it to entertain audiences all around Texas and other parts of the country.

Anthony Griffith has made his way to stardom through appearances on TV shows including “Star Search”, “The Tonight Show”, and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. As part of the “Apostles of Comedy” tour, he travels around the country with other comedians to performing comedic sketches at church events.

Thor Ramsey, another Pastor comedian, will do any comedy gig, he says, “at any event that can have me home before Sunday morning.” With his priorities straight, he preaches, does stand-up comedy, and blogs, all for the sake of sharing his Christian wisdom with others. His take on marriage is not far from the mark, and his stand-up is a must-see for anyone who appreciates Christian marriage comedy.

Each of these entertainers offers in-depth insight into the complex world of marriage. They all have things of real value and humor to bring to the table and will leave you gasping for breath and begging for more. In a time when most comedians take the easy way out and fall back on pleasing the audience with crude, offensive humor, these men rise above the fray and entertain with real-life issues in a positive, decent manner. These are the faces of Christian marriage comedy.