The Grable Group

The Grable Group is a booking agency and entertainment company, founded by Tim Grable, specializing in the personal and career development of an exclusive group of talent.   We manage a select pool of speakers, comedians, artists and entertainers. Our specialized services encompass far more than basic scheduling and booking, enhancing client exposure and opportunity by providing a full complement of literary, commercial, film/TV and social media.

While we retain a diversified identity, flawless execution remains at the forefront of the company mission. We excel in managing entertainment and comedy booking, speakers engagements and literary functions targeting a broad range of audiences in corporate events, colleges, comedy clubs, non-profits and faith-based events.

Our philosophy is the defining reason for seeking services through The Grable Group. We promote and advance our clients’ careers rather than concentrating on basic listing services and directionless growth.  Standard operating procedure often involves placing volume over quality. When this ideal is discarded, what remains is the opportunity to develop and facilitate professional growth and greatly enhance the end result for clients who are placing a profound trust in us to further their careers as elite performers.

Our services represent a complete and personally focused initiative that empowers individuals, leverages existing and untapped talent, and maximizes the potentials of each of our carefully selected talents. Clients network with us directly, offering personal insight and articulating their best aspirations as we tailor our resources within the areas of speaking, literature, film and television, and licensed intellectual properties to meet or exceed objectives and validate our network’s reputation.

The Grable Group ensures your priority status by retaining a compliment of less than a dozen exclusive clients at any given time. We accommodate availability issues involving scheduling conflicts, ideological differences and the like by staying in contact with a respected and proven group of communicators who can do an admirable job in your stead.

Our core concept is mutually beneficial and the attraction of pairing with individuals who thrive in equal measure should not be underestimated. The most successful partnerships are based on this premise. The process is streamlined and tailored to benefit our clients no matter how much experience they have with our empowerment tools.   We can walk you through every step or give you room to play a critical role in engineering your success. We encourage you to take the next step to professional fulfillment and contact us today.