House of Ruth: Help a 10 year old change the world?

The House of Ruth is a 900 square foot home that will provide a safe haven for women and children from domestic violence in Belize. With very little resources for women, The House of Ruth will only be the second safe house in the entire country. While there, women will be shown God’s love and connected to social services in the community. Upon completion, The House of Ruth will have two bedrooms, one bathroom and living area for women and children.

The Belize Project must raise $5,000 (USD) in order to renovate the home to habitable standards. Both outside mission and local labor will be utilized to complete the project.

The Belize Project reaches out to Belizeans through health care, education and micro-enterprises all in the name of Jesus. The Belize Project builds relationships to help in the areas of education, health care, and micro-enterprise to help support the local churches so they can spread the gospel.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! To meet our goal we need to raise $5,000. We are asking 1000 people to donate $5 each. We need generous donations from people like you in order to make this a reality and make a difference in the lives of these woman.   Any amount is gladly accepted!   Will you help?