Joe Castillo: God at Super Walmart

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I remember the years where we spray painted old bicycles to be recycled as a gift for the next kid in line and hand made stocking stuffers were all we could afford. There were quite a few of those times. But they were good times. I have always considered my family blessed.

God is, and always has been, a God of abundance. In providing for His children He has always been extremely generous. When He offered us life, He said He wanted us to have it abundantly. John 1:16 states that “out of His abundance we receive one blessing after another”.

As we whizzed up and down the aisles of our local mall filling our shopping cart with goodies that we knew our family would enjoy, a quirky thought crossed my mind. I imagined God The Father speaking to His son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit during creation as they pushed a shopping cart down one of the aisles at the “Make-a-World ‘R’ Us” super store.

“I want to make a world that will let people know how much I love them.” says the Father.

“Great idea,” says Jesus. “We need to start by making some kind of food.”

“Excellent, Jesus, but let’s not just give them manna, let’s pour out a variety that will give them enough ingredients for every kind of meal and cook book they can imagine.

“And beauty, we must give them beauty to enjoy.” Said the Spirit, “what about some flowers?”

“Yes,” murmured the Father, “let’s give them flowers. Every color you can imagine and make them fragrant too. We can have other smells like cinnamon, pumpkin and baking bread. Put those in the cart.”

“We could include vistas like mountains and valleys and oceans,” said the Spirit.

“Wonderful,” said The Father. “And snow, beautiful white snow. We can make every flake absolutely unique to demonstrate how much we care.”

“We are going to need another cart.” Said Jesus.

And so they spent, getting dozens of this and piles of that, handfuls of some things and armfuls of others. As they finally approached the check-out lane the Spirit looked over at the Father and said, “Do you think they will appreciate all of this abundance?”

The Father smiled with a rueful, far away look in His eyes. “Probably not,” He said wistfully. “They will probably just want to play with the box it all comes in.”

Oh God, teach us to be grateful.

Merry Christmas all!

Joe Castillo has spoken and presented before both world leaders and major corporations. Joe has won the American Entertainment Readers Choice Award and was a finalist in both the Unique Art Event and the Event Solutions competitions for Entertainer of the Year — Solo and for Rising Star Male. An example of one of Joe’s SandStory performances has been recorded for showing on PBS. In 2012 Joe appeared on Fox’s Q’Viva! The Chosen  and NBC’s America’s Got Talent.  Joe’s messages have inspired thousands of people all over the world. Most recently, Joe Castillo performed the SandStory “The Rediscovery of Wonder!” at the 2011 TEDActive Conference and “The Stuff of Life” SandStory creations at the 2011 TEDGlobal in Edinburgh, Scotland.