The Least of These by Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo is an extremely talented artist who does wonders when he works with the medium of sand. Using his hands and his tools, he can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, providing scenery that will absolutely captivate visitors and start conversations.

When a large conference, business meeting, or large event is planned, a Joe Castillo sand masterpiece is sure to draw bystanders back again and again to analyze his creation. He uses great detail, depicting emotional scenes that are thought-provoking and strike a cord with viewers of all ages. When it comes to sand art, Joe Castillo is a true master and invites others to explore his work.

Castillo’s artwork can stand alone as people view the canvas he creates with sand. However, this man has taken his work up a notch and turned it into a performance as well that earned him national attention as a finalist on America’s Got Talent. Using sand in combination with light on a table, the images he created from the sand were projected on to a screen. Adding musical accompaniment, Castillo created one image, made it blend into the next, and again until the song was over. Whether he opts for a patriotic theme or a spiritual message, Castillo is a marvel. He can choose a song and scene that will suit any occasion. Viewers are dazzled by how quickly his fingers fly across the sand and create music. They’ll hold their breath, waiting to see what will take shape and what story the artist will tell through his creation. When it is over, people are sure to beg for an encore, to watch this consummate artist perform another amazing accomplishment in the sand.

When Joe Castillo begins a work, it is a Sand Story. His hands appear to dance across the screen of light and sand, forming bold, dramatic strokes that are only made even more powerful through the careful selections of music that play in the background. From short little tidbits that last a minute to those that extend for ten minutes, Castillo has an extensive repertoire. He shows brilliance in inspiration in each work that he creates. Ask for one of his classic creations or provide him with a topic, and he is sure to offer brilliance in whatever flows from his hands.

Guests should prepare for a once in a lifetime experience when they are given the opportunity to watch Joe Castillo in an art form that is beyond compare. Joe grew up in Mexico City, immersed in the culture, spiritual, and artistic influences around him. He’s put all of his talents together to be an inspirational speaker and artist who always tells a valuable story through his work.

Joe Castillo has been an artist and national storyteller for over 30 years. His live sand-animation performances have amazed and motivated millions, and he was selected to perform “The Rediscovery of Wonder” at the TEDActive 2011 conference in Palm Springs, California. Joe’s book, “The Face of Christ”, tells his own inspiring story of personal loss and forgiveness.

For additional information on Joe Castillo call 615-283-0039.