Clean Comedy Stylings of Taylor Mason

Along with his clean standup comedy, Illinois-native Taylor Mason brings music and ventriloquism into his acts. The comedian has been doing standup for 25 years. He stays away from blue topics such as sex and bathroom humor, and he also attempts to keep jokes family-friendly. He isn’t afraid of challenging people with his quick wit and well-written jokes and getting them to think about topics such as the Bible.

Mason performs at a variety of different places, including churches, comedy clubs, college campuses and bar mitzvahs. He has also performed special shows for corporate clients such as Wal-Mart and Microsoft. Mason has appeared in a number of YouTube videos and has also appeared on TV shows. Different puppets, including pig, sumo wrestler and Romeo-and-Juliet-inspired puppets, have appeared in his acts. In some shows, Mason plays the piano and sings humorous songs. While he is singing, he often asks his audiences to join in. His comedy features a wide range of topics, including the dynamics in families, the swine flu, cars, married life, his job as a comic and his hometown.

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Taylor Mason, Bananas