Worst Blues Song Ever | Taylor Mason

Some people are meant to sing the blues – not Taylor Mason!  He entertains audiences with the Worst Blues Song Ever.

His life has all the pathos and heartbreak of a soggy Jell-o salad at a Sunday picnic. Taylor “I Can’t Complain Much” Mason will take you along on his personal journey  in the Worst Blues Song Ever from the normal suburban home he shares with his lovely wife to … a nearby golf course. Heart-wrenching? Nope, but sweet piano playing and comedy accompanies faux-blues lyrics about his uber-normal life. You’ve got to hand it to Taylor. He tries hard to tap into that singular style of American music born of in the Deep South! He doesn’t quite make it to that mix of sorrow and spirituality – it’s more like a mixture of milk and toast, but he does take you places you’ll enjoy going! A hilarious musical interlude from a would-be soul man.

Taylor Mason is a comedian, a musician, a ventriloquist and corporate entertainer. He has headlined every major comedy club in the United States, and has played Carnegie Hall and The Sydney Opera House in Australia. He has been part of two Emmy-winning television programs, including his children’s TV show, “Children Talk.

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