A Woman’s Outreach Event: Night of Fun, Faith, Fellowship

I’m excited to introduce you to a women’s outreach event that is truly inspiring and filled with fun, faith and fellowship.

The Gestures of Generosity event is a two-hour event—a perfect girl’s night out! Our events are held in churches across the United States. The evening is designed to bring women in your community together to celebrate each other, while experiencing a time of encouragement, inspiration and fun!

What is a Woman’s Outreach Event?

Our women’s outreach event is presented at an affordable cost per person. The cost to the church is under $750 for the event.   This permits women from all backgrounds to be able to experience the fun of a girl’s night out. And because of our tremendous supporters, this event requires little financial obligation for Host Churches.

What happens during a Woman’s Outreach Event?

1. DOORS OPEN: Attendees will mingle and visit sponsor tables in the lobby. A video that promotes and thanks the sponsors (may play) in the auditorium.

2. FUN: Our speaker will engage the women in a time of interactive fun and then announce the lucky winners of some great gifts.

3. FELLOWSHIP: Women mingle, socialize and enjoy snacks.

4. FAITH: Women are inspired by one of our Girls Night Out speakers who will share a relevant message of hope. A World Vision video (may be played) during the last three minutes of the speaker’s presentation.

5. FREE GIFT BAG: A gift bag is given to every woman valued at $25.

Working Together 

The Gestures of Generosity team works with Host Churches to deliver affordable and effective events to help strengthen Christian communities.

We know it’s likely your outreach budget is tight, so we’ve worked hard to keep costs low and make the event easy to host. We provide an opportunity for funding the Gestures of Generosity event by offering the option to share ticket revenue. The event has a modest program fee plus travel expenses—however, the income from the sale of tickets helps off-set, and sometimes eliminate, the program fee and expenses.

Event Promotional Tools 

We’ve created several tools to help Host Churches promote their event. Each church is wonderfully unique in what they have to offer. Therefore, the promotional materials and templates can be adapted to meet the needs of each church. The materials build excitement throughout the church, congregation and community for the event.

The standard host package includes 50 posters, 350 tickets and 500 invitation cards customized to each event:

• Posters

• Save the Date Cards

• Tickets

Also available on gesturesofgenerosity.com is a variety of materials ready for use by Host Churches including:

• Direct mail templates

• Online promotional content

• Bulletin insert templates

• Email template

• Postcards templates

• Press release template

For more information on a Woman’s Outreach Event call 615 283 0039.

Download a Girls Night Out Information Guide

Download a Hosting Guide