5 Simple Christian Church Outreach Ideas

Clean, wholesome entertainment that is appropriate to take friends, family members, children, or even a date to, is increasingly hard to find. Creating Christian church outreach ideas that are fun and exciting to attend and that will not be offensive can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Comedy and laughter can break through barriers […]

Outreach Ministry Ideas, Funny Comedians with a Calling

Between the Bible studies, weekly worship, the youth group meetings and small groups, church communities are always searching for outreach ministry ideas to keep laughter and fraternity part of daily life. One of the most well-loved methods of keeping humor and community alive in a church group is through comedians who spread the joy of […]

Try Something Different with Creative Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

By their very nature, charitable organizations simply must raise money. To be as successful, fundraising events need to offer something that will attract the interest of the general community, and not just appeal to the people who are already donors. Every nonprofit organization wants to expand its donor base and to have a good, entertaining […]