Event Planner Resources: How to Go From a Good to a Great Event!

How can you take your meeting from good to great? Do you have what it takes as an event planner to stand out from the pack? Turning a good conference into a great event takes work. It usually takes more than just the event planner setting goals and timelines, it takes a good, positive team around […]

Beginners Guide To Party Planning

If you want to learn how to throw fun, unique parties that your friends and family will love then this Party Planning Guide is perfect for you. Welcome to your party planner superstar status! Follow these rules and you’ll be on the way to a fantastic night of fun, socialization, and laughter.  It really comes […]

How to Avoid the Top AV Mistakes in Event Planning

Have you ever tried to balance standing on a ball while holding an umbrella in one hand and rubbing your stomach with the other? Metaphorically speaking, I’m sure many of you event planners can agree and at least say you have felt like you have! Managing the many moving parts in an event can often […]

4 Tips for Stress-Free Event Planning

Planning an event is one of the most difficult jobs one can have. .  Stress-free event planning sounds too good to be true? Here are 4 steps to make it happen.     Tips for Stress-Free Event Planning Details, details, details – Kowatsch advises writing everything down and adopting an “anything that works” approach. “Post-It […]

Want to Save Money when Organizing Corporate Events? Check out These Tips

Planning corporate events is definitely no simple walk in the park because it takes a lot of time and effort. Financial resources are also a must. But how do you go about organizing a quality event everybody will enjoy when you are on a tight budget? After all, you can’t just postpone the event, as […]