Activity Ideas for Your Women’s Ministry


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The purpose of a women’s ministry is to meet the social and spiritual needs of ladies in the church which can be achieved through organizing various activities that provide exceptional fun and spiritual edification. Women are generally more social able than men and so require spending time with one another to talk about feminine issues and gain spiritual encouragement. A strong ministry will make plans for women of the church to get together once in a while so that they can develop stronger bonds with one another, either through conversation and discussions, or participation in entertaining activities. 

There are many different types of activities that are suitable for a women’s ministry outing, which can range from bible studies and prayer meetings, to slumber parties and road trips. Before you select an activity for your women’s ministry, it is advisable to consider what you wish to achieve through the activity. Different activities will have a different effect on the participants, and these can be either formal or informal. If you wish for the activity or event to provide spiritual guidance or motivation, you should consider organizing events such as bible studies, prayer meetings and conferences, among others. If you only wish to improve camaraderie among members, you can opt for night outs, short vacations, and so forth. Here, are a number of fun yet effective activities that you can organize for the members of your women’s ministry:

Pajama Party: This activity is best held at the home of a member of the women’s ministry. During the party, you can ask the members to share memories of childhood pajama parties, compelling stories or experiences. You can also enjoy fun activities such as making popcorn and watching a movie together. A pajama party can help to create strong bonds among ladies of all ages.

Shopping Trip: It is a universal belief that all women love shopping. This activity can be a trip to the mall, outlet store, flea market, antique store, or other shopping destinations. Shopping is an excellent way to unwind, and it can certainly improve relationships as all members can discuss favorite things, places to shop and so forth.

Trip to a Museum or Historical Site: A trip to a museum or a historical site can enhance your members’ appreciation and understanding of the history of a city or a region. This kind of trip is both entertaining and educational and will be a remarkable and memorable experience for all participating members.

Prayer Meeting:  There are not many things that can unite Christians the way prayers do. Organizing a prayer meeting can be a powerful way to bond as your members can pray for both their loved ones and one another. Each member will relate a problem and request a prayer, and everyone else can request assistance from the Lord through their prayer.

Craft Night: Bringing together members who are skilled in crafts can be an enjoyable activity to organize as these individuals can perform a demonstration to other members who can then try to complete the project on their own. This kind of activity enables members to develop interest in crafts and gain new skills.

If you wish to organize an activity that provides both fun and spiritual guidance for the members of your women’s ministry, the WomanWise! may be the perfect option for you. WomanWise! is an ievening of faith, laughter and inspiration. It can be conducted in any town or city in North America and provides entertainment as well as spiritual motivation and guidance through faith, laughter and inspiration. It promises to be a most fulfilling experience for all Christian women and so should become a staple part of your ministry’s annual events.  Vist our website for other great speakers.