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Creative Womens Ministry gives us creative activity ideas.

Creative Womens MinistryGod made us to have a relationship with not only him but with other people as well. Women especially are very relational. They like to have friends and go out and do things with other females. Some Creative Womens Ministry activities they do together

include going to the gym, getting together for lunch, going for coffee, talking on the phone or chatting while their kids are playing.

Many churches have  Creative Womens Ministry for the purpose of ladies getting together for fellowship and for learning how to develop Christ-centered relationships. Many women’s ministries also offer several ways to get involved in the church and/or community and to reach out to ladies who might not be involved in the church.

There are many activity ideas for crative women’s ministries. Some of these ideas include:

Fundraising: Types of fundraisers include bake sales, rummage sales, silent auctions, benefit dinners, car washes, and selling candles or other products. Having a fundraiser is a great way to raise money for the ministry itself, missions trips, or a community organization whose goal is to help those in need. Those involved  could even form a team for a community fundraising event such as Relay for Life.

Bible Studies: Hosting a Bible study is a great way for a women’s ministry to invite others to their church. Many Bible studies are geared specifically for females and often include a DVD to watch, a workbook to work through, and honest, open discussions. Bible studies can run anywhere from 4-12 weeks and offer a great way for ladies to meet and connect with other ladies.

Creative Get-Togethers: Many ladies are creative and enjoy getting their creative juices flowing by scrapbooking, quilting, writing, painting, ceramics, knitting and making music. These creative get-togethers are also a great way for women to learn an art or craft that they’ve always wanted to learn. These could all be activity ideas that could be held once or twice a month.

Theme or Holiday Events: Some great ideas for holiday events include hosting a Valentine’s Day banquet, a fun and safe New Year’s party, a Halloween party for kids, an Easter egg hunt, or a Thanksgiving dinner for families in need. Mother-daughter teas are also popular events.

Still other creative womens ministry y ideas include:

• going on a picnic in the park
• getting involved in a community project
• attending a retreat
• hosting a talent show
• volunteering wherever volunteers are needed

Sometimes, though, ladies just want to get out and have some fun which is why WomanWise! is the perfect idea for women’s ministries.

WomanWise! is a night of fun, faith and fellowship that takes place in churches throughout the United States and beyond. WomanWise! seeks to engage girls  through comedy and storytelling and to offer hope and encouragement while helping them draw closer to God. It also offers women a terrific chance to connect with other women and make new friends.

This great event for ladies could easily turn into an annual get-together for women in your church and/or your community. Women who attend WomanWise! will leave feeling loved, inspired, fulfilled and full of joy.

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