Creative Women’s Ministry: Programs That Touch Women’s Hearts

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Hundreds of thousands of women sit in our churches, week after week, never living up to their fullest potential in Christ. Meanwhile, there has been a decline in participation in Women’s ministries over the last few years, and it’s mostly due to the incomplete programs that don’t address all the needs of today’s women.

WomanWise! helps women’s ministry leaders addresses these missing elements through an evening of fun, faith, and fellowship.

All needs of a woman can be placed into five fundamental categories; 1) Heart – having to do with spiritual matters, 2) Home – encompassing the family as well as the actual home environment, 3) Work – regardless of whether the woman is an entrepreneur, employer, an employee, or homemaker, 4) Fellowship – we are to associate with other believers, and 5) Outreach – God wants us to touch the lives of other people for his kingdom.

Our God is creative. He is not bound by our ideas of what churches “should” do when ministering to others. He can use the tender hearts of women on a shopping trip together, gentle talk over an inexpensive meal, or listening to a Christian stand-up comedian speak to a woman’s life experiences.

WomanWise! is designed to give women’s ministry leaders a plan to meet the unique needs of women’s hearts. They come to your church, and give the women in your community a chance to experience creative program that encourage kinship with other women.

Are there any women out there who don’t enjoy good music, excellent chocolate, playing games, listening to a comedy routine or a heart-felt teaching? God created women with an empathetic, caring, nurturing heart. We spend our lives helping others, but we aren’t always encouraged to use some of these unusual ministry tools. In fact, this is why so many women in churches today feel like they are all alone in the world. We have the desire and knowledge that something inside of us needs to be used by God, but we don’t know how to go about it.

Churches offer Bible studies for women and give us the privilege of teaching Sunday school, singing on the praise team, and putting on plays and musicals. But how often do we get to actually laugh out loud in church? How often are we encouraged to use our creative senses to minister to others?

WomanWise! out is about kinship, hope, being fed spiritually, testimonials, not feeling alone, fun . . . and chocolate. Booking a night out is easy, yet the rewards will be beyond expectation.

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