Prayer and Your Women’s Ministry

Prayer is a way for Christians to communicate with God.  As a leader of the female members of your church, you should stay spiritually attuned all the time by communicating with God through prayer on a regular basis. In response to your prayers, God will bless all your undertakings as a women’s ministry leader and give you the guidance you need to provide excellent leadership. To make your women’s ministry a success, you have to pray for God’s blessing and guidance in many things.

First of all, you have to pray to God to strengthen your faith. Since the ladies of your church look upon you for guidance and inspiration, you need to remain spiritually strong and alert always. If you falter, your followers will not have a solid leader to rely on, and your ministry will be in disarray. As such, you should communicate to God through prayer everyday, so that you will not stray away from Him. When you are in close communion with God, you will have the assurance that He will guide you in everything you do. A spiritually strong leader will be able to inspire her followers to get closer to God. A women’s ministry that is founded on prayer will achieve great things for the church and the kingdom of God.

Prayer does not only promote spiritual strength; it also enables you to avail of the divine guidance of God. When you are leading your sisters in Christ, you need to make many decisions. Without the guidance of God, you can make wrong decisions and jeopardize your ministry. You may not be able to choose the right people to complete tasks for you, and you may make mistakes when you are making plans for your ministry. On the other hand, if you pray to God for guidance, He will show you which lady in your ministry you should assign certain tasks to, as well as what steps to take to make an event successful. The only way that you can recognize the guidance of God is to communicate frequently with Him through prayer.

It is imperative that you pray to God before you make plans for any women’s ministry event. If the event is blessed by God from the beginning, it will not fail. Even if it turns out to be a failure in your eyes, it may still be a success to God. God moves in mysterious ways, and you can only learn His ways if you pray to Him constantly. As a leader, you should also pray for the leaders and members of your ministry, so that God will guide them in their spiritual lives. Leaders and members who are spiritually strong can contribute positively to your ministry. Additionally, you should instill the habit of praying in your members, so that they will pray for God’s blessing before they undertake any task.

If you want to the members of your women’s ministry to learn more about prayer and other spiritual matters, you should try to host the Girls Night Out. This popular event for Christian ladies travel from one church to another across the US, and it offers a unique experience of Christian entertainment, education, and inspiration.

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