Women’s Ministry as an Outreach

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Outreach can sound like an intimidating component of women’s ministry but to keep a ministry vibrant and growing it is important to consider outreach opportunities into the community. Some careful planning and strategic implementation will provide that boost that keeps a ministry healthy and successful. As your ministry extends a hand of help and encouragement you will begin to see the difference outreach can make.Building an Effective Women's Ministry: *Develop a Plan *Gather a Team * Watch God Work

Consider how your church can make an impact in your community. What needs are there that you know currently exist? If you are uncertain where the biggest needs are, contact local agencies like The United Way, local school offices or government organizations to understand where you could make an impact sharing God’s love with others. Once those needs are understood it becomes easier to put a plan into place to address them. As a ministry, choose just one need and set a goal to help fill it. Build your success from that opportunity increasing momentum to tackle other projects.

Women often seek to meet the needs of everyone as nurturers both inside their home and out. There are so many ways women minister in the church and extend a hand of faith to others, but to promote effectiveness and develop a well-rounded healthy ministry consider the flip side of the coin of service and see what can be poured back into the lives of women who give so much.

Energize your outreach with a special boost that goes beyond the typical experiences generally offered for women and consider hosting a WomanWise event for your church and community. WomanWise is a ministry that travels to local churches and presents a night filled with laughter, growth, inspiration and spiritual encouragement. It is an event that will not only minister to women who are currently in the church but also is an excellent outreach tool for those exploring a life of faith.

An event like WomanWise offers an opportunity for those who may not be connected to any church to have a positive faith building experience in a non-threatening environment where women find encouragement to face the challenges of everyday life. In reaching out to many women at different life stages it is important to have programming like this that will have broad appeal and address the shared joys and struggles women have. It can make the transition to church life easier and more inviting as WomanWise provides an opportunity to take beginning steps in a faith journey.

There are many ways to reach out to the community to inform them what your ministry offers when promoting events like Girl’s Night Out. The most effective outreach is through a direct invitation but don’t overlook the use of radio promotions, local newspaper articles, bulletin inserts, posters , email, Facebook event invitations and save-the-date cards to expand your ministry.

Any way you reach out, the women in your community will be glad you cared enough about them to include them in the life of your church.