Bob Stromberg

  • Co-writer & co-star of Triple Espresso... a highly caffeinated comedy!
  • The Chicago Sun Times “Mesmerizing!”
  • London Metro “Stunning!"


Bob Stromberg will hit the mark with his powerful performance arsenal of standup, physical comedy, and yes… even hand shadows, which the London Metro described as, “Stunning!” Bob’s unique, timeless, comedic style engages audiences in uproarious laughter, inspires with simple truth and always leaves people wanting more.

He’s left lasting impressions on Fortune 500 companies like General Mills, Cargill, Sonic and American Family Insurance. He’s received accolades from Comcast, Sony and EMI. And he’s helped countless non profits like The American Cancer Society, The American Brain Tumor Association, Children’s Hospitals, and United Way. Recently Bob joined forces with top Hollywood stars in the Not For Sale campaign to end human trafficking. His performance won a coveted Clio, the top award in American advertising.

He co-authored and starred in the megahit theatrical phenomenon, Triple Espresso (a Highly Caffeinated Comedy) breaking box office records worldwide. The Los Angeles Times described it as “…a triple jolt of inspired craziness”. And The Chicago Sun Times called Bob “Mesmerizing!

Of his rousing standing ovation performance on America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern said, “You wowed us!” Howie Mandell said, “I liked your character! I liked your voice! I like you!” And then he went on and on like people who see Bob Stromberg usually do. Honest!

Whether the Keynote, Featured Entertainer or Emcee, Bob Stromberg lifts your event to the next level and makes YOU look really good.

How does he do it?

He Connects

He connects with his audience. It helps to be a multi-talented, seasoned performer who happens to be one of the funniest comics in the country. But, as importantly, Bob is genuine and audiences know it. He walks on the stage and people sit up. Within minutes they are laughing hard and the walls between them crumble.

He Understands

He understands that Comedy is a risky programing element. Comedians tend to be undisciplined and stories are numerous of embarrassments, offended employees and poor evaluations. You never have to worry about that with Bob because he never offends. You can actually relax and know that you won’t get burned because he understands that the conference is not about him. It’s about you.

He Delivers

He delivers on his promises. Your event is a big deal. If you use Bob Stromberg as an emcee when programming gaps appear, Bob fills them with standup, a non threatening touch of audience participation and even world famous shadow puppets. Your audience stays engaged and you look really good.

That’s how Bob Stromberg lifts your conference to the next level. Whether you use him as Keynote, Featured entertainment or Emcee Bob will Connect, Understand and Deliver. Think of it as an acronym. (CUD) and chew on that.

Corporate Keynote

Title: The Art of Success 

Description: In this hilarious and inspiring keynote address, Comic and Storyteller Bob Stromberg remembers Christmas Eve 1963. His grandfather opened a present… a Craft Master Paint by Number Set. Over the next weeks Bob watched him filling the numbered shapes, carefully painting one pure color at a time. Then always, his grandfather cleaned his brush. Weeks later the canvas was transformed and so was his grandfather.

This begins an exploration of the age old question, “What is real Art?” and considers how some artistic techniques are today at the very foundation of business success.

The presentations highlights the importance of accepting responsibility for one’s work.

Rule #1: Paint Your Color! 

And the importance of accepting responsibility for one’s self.

Rule #2: Clean Your Brush! 

These two rules not only helped to birth a kitsch art craze in the 1950s, but were used to create some of the art world’s greatest masterpieces. And… still today they lead to success. When followed carefully they…

Nurture better people.

Better people are better workers.

Better workers create better companies.

Better companies do better business.

Better business leads to success. 

His presentations are always heartfelt and stinking funny offering practical steps to creating a business masterpiece.

Recordings and Books in Publication 



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Clever, personable, funny, talented, creative and excellent...a perfect fit!

Mike McGlone, Divisional HeatShare Director, The Salvation Army

We were absolutely thrilled with Bob Stromberg at our Holiday Party. One comment was that Bob was a true professional. Some said they thought it was the best show they had ever seen.

Lisa Anderson, Safco Products

Bob was a delight. He was professional, easy to work with, and funny. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say he was a highlight of the event.

Tim Willms, Group Publishing

Bob was organized, friendly and professional. The shadw puppets were really funny.

Brian Horanoff, Owner, BGL Asset Services, LLC

Bob entertained our crowd with clean humor and was very well-received. He was respectful of our time and audience and was delightful to work with. People are still talking about the slide show!

Laurie Turnow, Executive Director, Women's Resource Center of Hancock County

Bob exceeded every expectation. We LOVED him!

Andrea Shelton, HeartBound

Bob met our expectations perfectly. Not only was he very funny but really connected with the audience like he was one of them.

Ricky Ruedaflores, Outlaw Comedy

Bob was great – he did an excellent job and provided the perfect entertainment for our event.

Eric Schuld, Minnesota Service Cooperatives

A total hit with our community, and this year in particular, when we have be going through some hard things on campus, he was just what we needed!

Chris LaRue, Bethel University

An Exceptional Closing Keynote. Your educational session surpassed even our high expectations!

Janice Mashak, LeadingAge Wisconsin

Bob can grab a student audience and hold them. He is fun, positive and keeps you wondering what is next. Oh, and the adults were right there with him too!

Mike Work, Youth Specialties