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Daren Streblow is an American stand-up comedian with aunique style of observational stand-up comedy . He was born in Ely, Minnesota on January 5, 1971. As a child, Daren’s overactive imagination often got him into trouble. His interests at that age included lighting fires in his neighbors’ basement, shooting arrows at unlucky passersby, and jumping into moving traffic while dressed as Superman. Unlike a lot of comedians, Daren denies he ever had a reputation as a class clown. In school, Daren’s classmates didn’t always understand his jokes. His serious, offbeat humor appealed more to his teachers than to his peers.

During his teenage years, Daren worked a part-time job at a radio station in Duluth, Minnesota. Though originally urged into the job by his mother, who thought her son needed an outlet for his unrelenting creativity, Daren ended up falling in love with radio. He went on to study communications at the University of Minnesota. Initially Daren expected to pursue a lifelong radio career, but felt compelled to give comedy a try, and began his stand up career in 1995. Comedian Brad Stine, one of Daren’s earliest influences, encouraged him to participate in open mic nights. Daren would often drive over two hours to perform at open mic nights in Minneapolis. His set would take five to ten minutes, and then he would drive home again.

After gaining popularity through open mic nights, Daren was able to support himself with his comedy. In 1998, he achieved his dream and became a full time comedian. Daren has since had a remarkable career, opening for big names such as Weird Al Yankovic, Brad Stine, and James Gregory. He has worked for a plethora of different companies, including Disney Cruise Line, Universal Studios, and the ACME Comedy Company. Since Daren is a “clean” comic, he is often asked to perform at churches, fundraisers, and universities.

Daren considers himself an “outreach” comedian, though he does not discuss his religious beliefs during his bits. He typically focuses on awkward everyday scenarios that his audience can relate to. He takes the mundane, filters it through his unique take on life and draws comedy out of it. Though his style has earned him the nickname “The King of Uncool,” his growing popularity in the comedy world suggests he is anything but. Since he stepped onto the scene in 1995, Daren has been able to entertain hundreds of thousands of people all across the country.

Recently, Daren was able to combine his current love with his previous passion by taking his comedy to the airwaves. In 2011, Daren joined up with Media Outfitters Inc. to launch “The Daren Streblow Comedy Show.” The show airs weekly in over fifty markets, both domestic and overseas, allowing people all over the world to get a dose of Daren’s sophisticated yet wacky style of comedy.


Disney Cruise Line
Universal Studios Rock the Universe
Bananas Television
Thou Shalt Laugh
Youth Specialties
ACME Comedy Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Charlie Goodnights, Raleigh, NC
Knuckleheads Mall of America
The Improv, West Palm Beach, Florida
Alabama Theater in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals
Maytag Corporation
Orlando Regional Realtors Association
Northwestern College
Dayspring Greeting Cards
Integrity Music
Youth for Christ
Christ in Youth


Apostles of Comedy
Pure Comedy Tour
Beyond Funny Tour
David Phelps
Ken Davis
Brad Stine 
World Vision’s Laugh out Loud Tour
The Circuit
Jeff Allen and Friends


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