Heidi Schwartz


Heidi Schwartz is a live event painter that creates memorable interpretive paintings ranging from corporate event and charity banquet to wedding and birthday. Heidi is the world’s leading event painter who can capture your event in a way photography cannot match. Her paintings capture the event’s atmosphere with an incredible use of colors and brush strokes. If you are planning an event and are looking for a way to make it different and special for all your guests to attend and to remember, let Heidi paint your event!

Local and International Live Event Painting Services

  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraiser Events
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations


From product launches to company banquets a painting by Heidi is the perfect way to commemorate your company’s milestones. Retain a painting that your organization will be proud to reflect on and mark an event for years to come. Certain in-your-face photography can make guests shy and awkward whereas a painting drawn by hand allows people to feel relaxed and enjoy the moment. Don’t underestimate what Heidi can do for your event. Find out more today.


Build a buzz at your charity’s next fundraiser and at the end of the night retain a vibrant painting which you can auction or raffle off to raise money for a good cause. Make your event different and capture it for all time. Bring out the passion of those attending your event and get them excited about the painting and excited about a cause your fundraiser is focusing on.


special gift for a special day. Brides and grooms can hire Heidi directly or put her on their registry list. Paint Your Event is a professional company with a professional entrepreneur and artist, Heidi Schwartz is ready to bring your event to life for all time. Fill out the contact form right now to start the discussion.

How Paint Your Event Works

In the live painting Heidi capture elements of the entire event (decor, subject matter, theme and happenings throughout the event) and piece it together to tell the story. Start and finish the entire work of art is created right before your eyes and by the end of the evening everyone has watched the painting evolve into the finished piece. It’s a unique memento that celebrates your event forever. It can be a gift to bride and groom, given to a CEO, and auctioned off at fundraising galas.  


You have a choice of a 48×48 or a 36×48 canvas (square or rectangle).
Prints and thank you cards can be made from the image as an option for guests and parents to remember as well.


Heidi will set up 4 hours before the event starts and needs a 10×10 area of clear space to work. Heidi will bring the rest, paints, canvas, dropcloths etc…

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Legacy Ball

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Music City Center

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Make a Wish

Heidi's participation in the event help to elevate the night to perfection! She is an incredibly talented artist. Our guest were just in awe of her painting and especially that she was painting in heels... Lol!

Terry Smyth , Executive Director, Craniofacial Foundation of America

Although Chancellor Warhol was the artist on the stage, Heidi and her skills were the star of the show; Nashville is lucky to have her!

Frank Hanes, Coordinator 'Made In America' Tour, Budweiser Corp

Our painting is absolutely incredible Heidi!! We cannot tell you how much it means to us that you captured all the details, symbols and charm from our special day.. And with such artistry. I find new special little details every time I look at it. This is something we will cherish forever! Our guests from the wedding have not stopped talking about the fascinating work you did. Having you paint our event was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Thanks again!

Chasidi Deep

Heidi is professionalism, beauty, creativity, grace and quirky-ness personified! I have used her for several major corporate functions, one in fact that involved painting the entire group from a revolving stage in the center of the room as they dined. Her abstract eye and free spirit is infectious and an amazing, totally original addition to any large corporate event." HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Warren M. Lyng, Director- Brand Special Events and Entertainment, Gaylord Hotels

Heidi captured the spirit and energy of an entire community during her live painting of Nashville's Music City Center grand opening celebration.

Steven C. Knapp, , Music City Center

Most important non living thing in our home! The most perfect reminder of that day and bringing family and friends together.

Rebecca Thompson Annastas , Bride

LOVED working with Heidi. She did a fantastic job and meshed so well with everyone. She's totally professional and so easy to get along with. We're also thrilled with the painting!

Cindi Brown, Scottsdale Insurance Company