Jeff Civillico

  • Headlines Comedy in Action at The Quad Resort & Casino in Las Vegas
  • Comedy in Action!


Jeff Civillico is a Vegas-based headline entertainer who blends his perfected art of juggling with friendly audience interaction and insane amounts of energy.  Jeff is thrilled to perform daily on the Las Vegas strip with his own headline show at the brand-new Quad Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Jeff Civillico’s decade-long career is a powerful testament to a singular path– a path which pairs the happiness of following one’s dream – in this case, live entertainment – with the success of transforming such a passion into a successful career.

In show business, you are judged not only by the quality, but also by the frequency of your work.  It’s one thing to be a comedian or juggler or magician.  It’s quite another thing to actually perform with such frequency and caliber of gig to take that love and make it work to support you and fuel you.  At only 27, Jeff has worked. A lot.  He has performed on the world’s most luxurious cruise liners from the Disney Magic to the Queen Mary II; he has performed at The White House, The Kennedy Center, The Ronald Reagan Building, etc.  Recently named a finalist at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, Jeff appears regularly in Las Vegas in shows such as V: The Ultimate Variety Show, The Improv at Harrah’s and in Nathan Burton: Comedy Magic.

His exuberant brand of comedy combined with his sheer athletic ability produces an unbelievable audience experience Jeff dubs “Comedy in Action.”  Among his many honors, he is President of the Georgetown Club of Las Vegas, Director of Marketing for the National Speaker’s Association Las Vegas Chapter, and a gold medal winner in his division at the International Jugglers’ Association World Championships. With this multi-faceted background, Jeff Civillico created his “Branding Your Passion” keynote and has begun work on his flagship book espousing his “5 Ps of Success” – Passion, Personal Brand, Power Team, Plan, and Perform.

Such accomplishments are all the more remarkable given that Jeff began his career in a most unassuming manner. He wasn’t born into an entertainment family. He didn’t attend a performance school to learn his skills.  He simply pursued a passion… a passion for being in front of a live audience that can be traced back to age 11 when Jeff was chosen as a volunteer in a street performer’s show.  The rush of the crowd, the heat of the spotlight… Jeff was hooked!

Jeff has come a long way since his first paying gig— a Cub Scout banquet show at the age of 13 where he received $80 for his performance.  At age 15, he was a regular summer performer at the Baltimore Inner Harbor Amphitheater… learning very quickly to work and control a crowd.  Jeff’s older brother, John, drove him from their home in Philly each day, and each night they split the pot.  Next came two exciting summers entertaining at the theme park, Busch Gardens WilliamsburgAfter performing six shows a day, six days a week there, Jeff was starting to learn what it taeks to keep an audience entertained.

After graduating from Georgetown University with honors in 2005, Jeff continued to hone his craft and develop his on stage persona, and arguably as important, his off stage brand.  His performance style today can be described as a fusion of the physicality of Jim Carrey, the wit of Steve Martin, and the likability of Brian Regan—all of whom Jeff views as role models.

Today, Jeff crisscrosses the world as emcee, keynote speaker, and performer for a host of Fortune 500 companies including: Wachovia, CoreStates, Teva Pharmaceuticals, OSHA, VeriSign, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, International Special Events Society, Anheuser-Busch, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Grainger, Verizon, Toyota, Honda, Harley-Davidson, and the American Heart Association.  His philanthropic endeavors include countless shows for charity organizations including “Make a Wish,” “Small and Mighty: Kids with Cancer,” and “Don Guanella Village,” and marathon “joggling” – jogging while juggling – as a member of “Athletes for Special Kids.”  As well, Jeff is member of the entrepreneurial Thrillionaires, The International Jugglers’ Association, The Georgetown Chimes, The National Speakers Association, and Toastmasters – Powerhouse Pros.

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