Lindsey Norton

  • Acrobatic dance from America's Got Talent


Lindsey Norton is a 17 year old dancer who has developed her own signature style of acrobatic dance. Recently she appeared on season 7 of America’s Got Talent on NBC, earning a spot in America’s top 48 with her solo dance performances.  Throughout her 15 years of dancing, Lindsey has been an inspiration to all who meet her with her delightful personality, positive attitude and optimistic outlook on life.

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America's Got Talent

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Faith in Motion

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Having Lindsey at our event brought electricity to our room. Not only did she bring energy and sheer talent, but she also brought a powerful testimony of God's strength and work in her life. Her performance was exciting, impactful, and breathtaking. I've not met a more genuine young talent, so full of grace and joy

Brooklyn Lindsey, Author, Speaker, Youth Pastor

An incredibly talented teenage girl who wowed our audience with her dance, lit up the room with her smile and loved her way into our hearts. Her poise and personality were a blessing to both our older women and to our young girls. Lindsey’s message was inspiring and full of hope for the coming generation.

Sue Locke, Director of Women’s Ministry, First Church of Christ, Burlington

Christian speakers for teenage groups are plentiful. Hi energy Christian entertainment pops up everywhere. Dancers abound. Gymnasts tumble out of gyms all over the country. But what if you could combine ALL of those traits in one dynamic,17 year old girl? You would have America's Got Talent Semi-Finalist, Lindsey Norton. She is a world class acrobatic dancer with a 240 Jigawatt smile and an inspirational story to tell. Teenagers are drawn to her like metal filings to a magnet. Guys like her because she is beautiful. Girls like her because she is beautiful and talented. Youth workers and parents like her because she is beautiful, talented and glows with a genuine commitment to Christ. Having Lindsey perform at your church or youth event is like plugging it in to 240 Jigawatts of Lindsey Norton!!

Joe Castillo, Finalist on America's Got Talent, SandStory