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You know of her through the TV series “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye.” Now go behind the scenes with Sue Thomas and hear the true life stories that never made it onto the show! Deaf from infancy, Sue Thomas will take you on her odyssey of learning to speak, unbearable ridicule, and personal turmoil and in the end, how challenges lead to triumph.

At the age of 18 months, she was watching television with her family when suddenly the sound went off. The next morning, when Sue did not respond to voices, her parents rushed her to the doctor. After repeated testings the final results were devastating. Sue was profoundly deaf. Despite operations, and experimental treatment, nothing would ever restore her hearing.

Beginning therapy when she was two, Sue Thomas learned to speak by imitating the vibrations she felt when placing her hands on the therapist’s throat, and by watching her own mouth in a mirror. Through this process she slowly picked up the skill of lip-reading. Being the only deaf person in her school, she struggled through her classes. Her parents were determined to bring her into the hearing world, and with their encouragement Sue Thomas never gave up.

After college and graduate school, all of her hard work finally paid off when she was hired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, D.C. Sue Thomas was hired by the FBI! Yet despite her success with the FBI, Sue felt there had to be more to life than the Washington scene and she resigned from the FBI to attend a Bible Seminary. There she finally came face to face with her worst enemy~her deafness. It was there that Sue Thomas realized that God makes no mistakes. He had written a script for her life that would take her all over the world to share the joy of the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

But Sue’s amazing story does not end there. In 2000 Sue Thomas was diagnosed with the debilitating illness of Multiple Sclerosis – a devastating, as-yet incurable neurological disease that affects her mobility and her vision. But instead of giving up, Sue Thomas met this latest challenge head-on by becoming a National Ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Sue continues to travel and to speak, spreading hope and inspiration to others.

Sue Thomas currently lives on 113 acres Vermont with her Hearing/Special Skills dog, Katie. She is in the planning stages of building a retreat where people can come and listen in the silence. “For it is only in the Silence that we can truly hear that still small voice of God.” She also dreams of building a training facility for multi-skill service dogs.

Listen to the true story of Sue Thomas in her own words, her own voice. You will laugh with her, cry with her, and in the end, you will hear SILENT NIGHT sung as you have never heard it before.


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