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Funny insights about marriage, family & the pursuit of sanity

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“Kids in my neighborhood loved playing cops and robbers, which I hated, because I was always forced to be the prostitute” Anthony Griffith

Anthony Griffith was destined to make you laugh.  Married, growing up in the inner city and reared by a religious mother, all help lay the foundation for Anthony’s hilarious insights about life, liberty and the pursuit of sanity.

With over twenty-five national comedy television appearances, Anthony’s rise is in no small part due to his inventive brand of humor. Whether reminiscing about a younger brother saddled with hand-me-downs, “even his childhood pictures were old pictures of me”, or his thoughts on marriage, “After twenty years, five stitches and one restraining order, I’ve learned to say I’m sorry, Anthony presents a unique outlook on life. His non-offensive humor coupled with his ability to bring his characters to life, has made Anthony an audience favorite at corporate events, concerts and comedy clubs for twenty years and has catapulted him to multiple appearances on film, television and stage.

Catch Anthony Griffith on shows like“The Tonight Show”, “HBO”, “Comedy Central,”, “Apostles of Comedy”  as well as others. Or better yet, see him live at your next event. Understanding that laughter is the best medicine, Anthony’s mission is simple, “To make you laugh, one joke or story at a time.

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A very funny guy.

Jay Leno , The Tonight Show

Your stand-up was truly humorous and you most definitely deserved the standing ovation that you received!

Judy Levine , California Highway Patrol

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