Brian Wilson
  • Anchor for the Fox News Channel


For 12 years, Brian Wilson served as a Correspondent and Anchor for the Fox News Channel. Based in the nation’s capital, he covered the White House, The Hill — and everything in between. Though Brian specialized in political reporting, he was called upon routinely to cover breaking news. He was the lead Fox reporter on the 2002 DC sniper story and covered the events of 9/11 from Capitol Hill and the Pentagon. Earlier this year, Brian was dispatched to cover the Haitian earthquake.

Prior to his time at Fox News, he anchored the Emmy Award Winning Fox Morning News on Washington, DC’s Fox affiliate, WTTG.  Brian has twice served as chairman of the 2500 member Capitol Hill Radio TV Correspondents Association.

Brian graduated with distinction from American University in 1998 with a Masters in Print Communication.

A native of Odessa, Texas, he began his career in radio news and racked up an impressive string of statewide awards when he was only 19.  Brian began his TV career at in Amarillo, Texas at the age of 21 and spent time as a reporter and anchor in Mobile, Alabama before moving to Washington, DC in 1986.

Launching Right Tone Communications in 2010, Brian now uses knowledge gained over 35 years as a broadcast journalist and anchor to help corporations and individuals communicate more effectively.

Current Topics:

  • Effective Communication: Make Sure Your Message is Getting Through.
  • How Washington, DC Really Works
  • The 2010 Elections: Angry Voters Send a Message
  • Things I Learned During 35 years in Television News

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Brian Wilson

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