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With the release of the Sony Picture’s drama The Grace Card in 2010, actor and comedian Michael Joiner was thrust into the spotlight with his heart-wrenching portrayal as a man bitter at the world who finds inner-peace with help from his good friend, God. The movie left many asking, “Who is Michael Joiner”, and for those unenlightened few, here is a crash course in the history of Michael Joiner.


Comedian Michael Joiner was born in Gary, Indiana decided on a dream in the bright lights of Hollywood after a dare from his youth pastor. Joiner moved to Los Angeles in the late 1980′s where he actually began his career in show business as a photo double for actor Bruce Willis. He officially began doing stand-up comedy in 1992 and made a name for himself doing improvisation and family-friendly humor, which was quite the novelty in Los Angeles at the time. While doing comedy, Joiner continued in his acting career and had several parts in small Christian films and dabbled in writing and directing, but his rise did not come easily. Following the economic recession in 2007, Joiner found himself forced to short sell his house and even stated that he “yelled at God” a few times due to the hopelessness one feels during times of financial hardship. He then moved his family from Los Angeles to Kanas City, Missouri and decided to come to terms with what he figured would be his last taste of show business. His big break came in 2008 when he was selected as the winner of the Hollywood Improv’s “Funniest Comedian in LA” and was surprisingly contacted by some filmmakers who had seen his comedy and previous acting roles and was offered the lead in the Sony Pictures film The Grace Card. Joiner recalled that when he was first contacted he was hesitant to appear in a “Christian” film but was quickly won over when he read the script and reportedly said, “Man, this is really moving me”. He took the part, and the rest is history. In 2013 IMDb called him the Top Actor in Christian Films.

Current Projects

Since The Grace Card Michael Joiner has continued his wildly successful national comedy tour and has since been featured as a starring actor in several films such as Broken Faith, The Identical, and the upcoming Rumors of War. The exposure that Joiner’s comedy and film success has brought him has helped fuel his passion for work, and while he is still actively working on numerous projects, Joiner also works as a professional acting coach via Skype and also is vigorously promoting his stand-up career as his website markets him with the tagline, “Small budget?…NO PROBLEM!” and says he is available for corporate events, fundraisers, banquets, festivals and graduations.  Michael Joiner is not the only comic in his family, as his son, Dustin Joiner, has competed as a comic on nationally broadcasted television shows like America’s Most Talented Kids and The Steve Harvey Show.

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Michael Joiner the Actor

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