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One of the top Corporate Entertainers in the business ... funny, captivating, and talented.

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Ron Pearson is FUNNY, CAPTIVATING, and TALENTED. Top comedians hire him to entertain their studio audiences (Ellen, Paul Reiser, Richard Lewis, Tony Danza, Drew Carey, Bob Newhart). Top companies hire him for corporate entertainment, and Hollywood keeps him busy as well. He is a favorite at the comedy clubs, corporate events, TV show audiences, and even with his family. His “High Powered” brand of comedy has audiences rolling on the floor. “I clapped so hard, my hands ached” … L.A. Times.

As an entertainer and keynote speaker, Ron Pearson has performed at major corporate functions for such companies as McDonald’s, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, Pepsi Cola, Toyota, Verizon, Toyota, Miller Beer, and many others. He can hold the audiences’ attention through hours of hilarious entertainment, mind-boggling talents, and a light-hearted look on life. Ron’s motto is to always have fun. And he will make sure your audience will have fun, no matter how long the day gets.

Ron has appeared on the small screen with his talents and comedy act: The Late, Late Show, Make Me Laugh, Vibe, Improve, Comic Strip Live, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Mike and Maddy Show, Home & Family Show, Dick Clark’s “It takes Two,” Apostles of Comedy and “Keep on Cruising.” Ron played the bartender “Doug Rickets” on UPN’s Malcolm and Eddie for two seasons. He has had guest star appearances on the prime time sitcoms: Drew Carrey, Nikki, Two Guys and a Girl, Mamma’s Family, Head over Heels, My Brother’s Keeper, and Norm. In addition, he had guest starred on the prime time dramas: High Incident, Home Front, and Justice League of America.

Ron Pearson is a top stand-up comedian performing in comedy clubs across the country: The Improv, The Icehouse, Laugh Factory, Comedy and Magic Club, Vegas (Caesars Palace, Riviera, Harvey’s), and the Jerry Lewis Telethon. He has done television commercials for Nissan, Footlocker, 5-Alive, IBM, 409, Sears, Compass Bank, Tyson Chicken, Cadillac, and many more. In addition, Ron is a comedy writer, contributing regularly to “US Weekly Magazine.”

MOST REQUESTED TOPIC from Ron Pearson: Hilarious Stand Up Comedy

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