Humorous stories about James Christ from Michael Jr.

Finding humorous stories in everyday life situations is what Michael Jr. does best. The truly refreshing thing is he does it in a way that is very funny without being vulgar or coarse.

He is Alive Sand Art | Joe Castillo

Sand artist Joe Castillo tells story of Jesus’s torture, crucifixion, resurrection. Using only sand, light, shadow and his hands to illustrate He’s Alive

Fully Alive by Ken Davis

Fully Alive offers you a second chance with lessons of childhood innocence, hopefulness and the renewal of a stagnant life.

Joe Castillo Creates: The Story of The Passion of Christ in Sand

The Passion of Christ is a moving story, but Joe Castillo deepens the experience with his performance of creating one illustration after another with sand on a light table.

Visual Retelling of the Healing of the Gadarenes Man

Joe Castillo brings to life Jesus’ powerful healing of the Gadarene madman who is set free from the chains of his addiction by the love of Christ.