Why Steve Geyer is a Christian comedian

Steve Geyer is a Christian comedian. He grew up in an abusive household, turning to stand-up comedy and eventually to God as a way to cope.

The Mighty Thor Ramsey — Mighty Funny Christian Comedian, That Is

Thor Ramsey has dedicated his life to clean humor, and his infectious sense of fun pervades all of his professional projects as a Funny Christian Comedian. He’s performed his winning Christian comedy routines in venues nationwide and in the “Thou Shalt Laugh” DVD series.

Summer Fun | Comedian Daren Streblow

Stand Up and summer fun Comedian Daren Streblow shares some thoughts on waterslides, pools and other summer fun (oops).

Jeff Allen on Exercising and Dieting..Funny and Healthy!

Jeff Allen’s hilarious take on diet and exercise.

I Am not a Christian Comedian

For me, I take this seriously: I follow Jesus. I don’t preach. I don’t evangelize. I’m a comedian, and I do what I do to the best of my ability, for whomever. If my humble little presentation inspires someone, it has less to do with me and more to do with Him than anything I said or did.