Unique Nashville Performers for Special Events

Finding the right Nashville performers for a special event can be difficult, especially when you need to find just the perfect entertainer to fit the atmosphere of your event and keep everyone happy. However, this search need not be a hopeless struggle. Whether you are hosting a party or planning a wedding or formal event, […]

Comedian Taylor Mason Tweets Bible

Taylor Mason, a variety comic has performed in venues ranging from college auditoriums to Carnegie Hall to network television shows.

Emotions And Music Brought To Life With Sand Art

Sand tells the story, when Joe Castillo joins the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, in a performance of Water, Water Everywhere by composer, William Copper.

Spice Up Your Next Event

Want to be different from every other event? Looking for something new to spice things up? We can help! We represent unique performers guaranteed to make your next event special.

Sand Art – Joe Castillo: The Prodigal

A master in the art of Sand Story, Joe Castillo brings to life Jesus’ powerful parable of the son who rejected his father in exchange for the world, only to find that happiness is only found in the love of the father.